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A few problems...

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My kitten Lucky really is a great cat, but he's a bit too smart for his own good, and this is causing some problems...

1. Lucky can open cupboards. This wouldn't be a problem except I live in a studio apartment with limited storage, so things such as cleaning products and knives are stored in cupboards that are at his level. I'm just scared he's going to hurt himself. I've tried spraying water at him when he does this, but he just looks at me incredulously and keeps going. I've also tried filling a can with coins, but he doesn't mind the noise at all. Same with shaking keys and yelling "no". Sticky tape has also not stopped him. He just isn't bothered by ANYTHING, he's still happy-go-lucky "lets get into the cupboards, oh boy!" Since I live in a studio, I can't drill baby-locks on the cupboards, and sticky stuff doesn't hold the locks in place because the surface is glazed. Does anyone have any suggestions how to prevent or un-teach this behavior?

2. Lucky meows in his carrier, and I don't mean for like 5 minutes, I mean that we recently drove 3 hours and he did not stop meowing even for a minute. It breaks my heart because I know he's doing this because he's upset. I've tried Feliway in the car, and it didn't help calm him at all. I also kept the carrier out for a week before we went on our trip so he could get used to it, and he didn't struggle being put into the carrier, but once we started driving he was a wreck. I'd hate to resort to sedatives, but the fact is Lucky needs to come with me because I don't know anyone in this area that I would trust to watch him, and he's a Ragdoll, so he can't be left on his own. Any tips on making car rides more pleasant (for him and for me)?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I would keep the carrier out all the time, get a bigger sized one that is comfortable and put his favorite blanket and a toy in it. I do that with the carriers here and my cats will actually go sleep in it. When I bring out a new one they run right up and go in it to check it out. Another thing you can try in the car is to put a blanket over the carrier so the cat can't see out. Then they aren't as stressed because they cannot see the constant moving and watever else. It keeps them secure and dark and they will feel more safe.

Can't help with the first suggestion, except that is the cuboards have handles, there is this baby-proof plastic thing I remember my mom used to use when my sister was little. It is hard to explain but it loops through the handles on two doors next to each other so they cannot be opened. Does that make sense? I will see if I can find a picture.
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Well that was easier then I thought...

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for the cupborads I did the baby-lock thing but they're aren't on all my cupboards so for one the ones that don't have them and are right next to each other (at least the handles are close together), I put hair ties around the handles, not the most attractive method, but it works as for the meowing, I have the same problem, but then again I don't take my cats on many car rides, only to the vet really, so I just try to tune them out, but that's not really an option for you
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Well, I've had babylocks on the two cupboards with handles for about a week, it's the cupboards with no handles that I can't figure out and which Lucky has such and easy time getting into. I've put semi-heavy objects in front of these, and its working for now, but it's not asthetically pleasing...
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its a white looking long lock, they sell them with all the other safte things at ToysRus or Kmart for baby saftey, and then a pc goes thru there, that may be the best since you cant drill, and it does keep the cabinet from opening because you are tightning it as tight as its needed. So think of a padlock long head pc and you should find it, if this helps at all????
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I have baby locks on my cupboards, none of which have handles. It's like what Bettyboop2 was describing, I think. There's a plastic piece on the inside of the door that hooks over another plastic piece in the cupboard. It catches when you open the door so you have to press down on the hooked piece to open the door more than an inch. It works really well and is cheap. I found mine at Menards but you should be able to get them just about anywhere.

They're similar to the very first product listed here:
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I had baby locks on my cupboards.
Bud knows how to open them from the bottom. grrrrrrr
They are white plastic clips you screw into the door. Cheap I'm sure.
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