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Socialization of feral cat

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As you know I've trapped a feral cat last week who is now hiding in my closet. He's eating, using the litter box, but only coming out of the closet at night (we can hear him from our bedroom) He's fixed, shots, etc. Now we have 2 other cats and I need to eventually introduce the cats to each other. I have a rather agressive alpha cat which worries me, since the feral appears pretty passive I don't want him to get beat up. I keep the door to the room locked but I have to make introductions eventually. How do you folks with multiple cats manage to prevent bloodshed? I was thinking of buying a cage/crate but I don't know if the feral cat will go into it (it may remind him of the trap!)
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Good for you in bringing the kitty inside, and getting the vet care. In general, ferals are good at getting along with all kitties, including our pets.

You can start the introduction by putting your kitty's favorite blanket in the closet where the feral is sleeping, and put his out by the other kitties. That way they get to smell the scent of the other kitty.
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My sister has a very territorial cat too, also neutered. But doesn't like others around. So, what we do is have him and the other cats access to the closet or room the new cat is in so they can smell each other and sometimes they even play with their paws under the door. First introductions usually don't go well but that's ok. I give the cat or kitten first day by itself to settle in and get used to things. Then next day I take it out. (It depends on if you have the time.) I let them all smell each other and the new one walk around. Usually Splash(aggressive one) will follow them, smelling at every opportunity. I follow the cat for a while and when one or the other starts to get aggressive I pick him back up and put him in the closet or room. I never punish Splash, because he's just defending his home. And I always remove the new one not the one we've had forever, so this way they know who belongs where and no one gets offended. It usually takes a few days before I can let the new cat out without anymore introductions. But if you have the time and patience, it always works for me. Especially when the new one is passive, it lessens the threat to your own cat. Although some, like Splash see every cat as a threat. He's come a long way with getting along with others. Also, if you're afraid to get scratched, bit, or are allergic, might want to try a method that would take a little longer. Trying to help in Ohio
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different cats take different amounts of time.

right now i have a cat that is living partially in a large dog cage crate
and partially in my bathroom and paritally out in the apt with a leash on.

my alpha cat prettyboy is NOT being cooperative at all. my mamakitty is
not too thrilled with the newcomer either LOL!!!
i'm sure in the end they will all live through this experience however after
3 months of this i am not so sure i will !!!

here are some links i had saved ......... hope they help..... good luck !!!






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Like Beckiboo said, shy ferals usually do get very well on with the housecats, being submissive to them.

But if you worry, begin with the kind of your cats, so the fostering will get on hers smells...

Once they are pals, you will have a very big help of your homecats in the socialiizing. It will be much easier.
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