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eye problem?

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I am hoping someone may be able to help me. My 5 year old part-Siamese female cat came in yesterday with part of her third eyelid over both eyes. She is not distressed in any way, is eating normally but I would say a little bit off colour.
Does anyone know what causes this and if I need to take her to the vet?
By the way, thanks Hissy for the referral to this site.
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Your best bet is to schedule a visit with your vet soon as you can. Your vet will have a better idea of whats causing it.
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Sohpie. She doesn't have anything in her eyes? Dust or pollen, or maybe her eye's been hit by a branch or something? Maybe she's eaten something whilst outside and it's not doing her any good?

Please take her to the vet. It's a good early warning signal that cats are able to give us, so if there is something wrong, the vet should be able to give her a through examination.

Good luck.

Come back and let us know what, if anything, transpires.
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