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I am new here and have a few questions

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Hi. I am new to this cat forum. I have 2 kitties Lukey and Pearl. Lukey is a year and a half Pearl is our new arrival. She is a 3 month old baby kitten we saved from off the side of the road. The poor thing's eye is so infected it looks like it's rotting out of her head. Needless to say, we immediately took it to the vet where she was tested for diseases, given shots and wormed. I wanted to make sure she was healthy to bring into my house and my other cat. I have been giving her anti biotics both in her eye and in her mouth for about a week now. It seems like she is recovering slowly but surely. I am trying to get the eye itself healthy so she won't have to have it removed, Although she will never see out of it.

Anyhoo, my other kitty Lukey has made this weird dry gagging noise for awhile now. The only way I describe it is like the sound a bunny makes when it is frightened. very high pitched, loud, and strange sounding. At first I though it was hairballs but I got her hairball meds and it is not going away, she still makes the sound and sometimes throws up. She also has very bad breath, even though I give her kitty treats that clean her teeth and freshens her breath. She swallows all the time and when she tries to throw up sometimes she just tries to swallow whatever it is that needs to come out, and succeeds. It is very disturbing for me, I love my kitty very very much. Other then that, she is active, hyper sometimes, looks healthy, has a shiney coat and a saggy belly. She seems fine except the disturbing gagging thing. I am taking her to the vet after the 1st of November, but in the meantime any suggestions, advise, or recommendations is very much appreciated. I am glad to have people to discuss cat issues with, thanks alot!
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I'm wondering if she has a respiratory infection of some sort. The vet would be the one to say definitely.
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Time to go see the vet with both of them ....
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Well I don't think Pearl needs to go back to the vet since she already did and is on meds and recovering, but the Lukey (is that promounced like Lucky or like Lou-key?) may have some teeth or gum problems perhaps? If she has stinky breath and everything at only 1.5 years, then I think she may need a dental. I would take her in for a check up and ask about these things. The gagging just sounds like hairballs, which something doesn't always have to come up and sometimes they look like they are chewing or trying to swallow. But bad gums and teeth can lead to huge problems if not treated.
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I don't understand why Lukey ( yes pronounced Lou- key) is having hairballs since I have been giving her hairball meds regularly for the last month. Her teeth and gums look healthy, but then again, I am not a vet. I am considering that it might be a respitory problem but after the 1st I will know for sure.
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What are you giving for hairballs? Are you combing/brushing her regularly?

I've found the OTC hairball remedies don't really do a heck of a lot. Cat Lax, or a similar product, available from your vet works better. It's a jelly-looking product that you smear on the cat's foot to get her to lick it off. Unless you're lucky and the cat loves the taste, then you can put it anywhere and she'll eat it. Two of mine love the taste.
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