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My 2 Witches

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Here we have the HAPPY WITCH of the house...this is Gracie, shes the family cat and just a sweetheart.

Heres the MADD WITCH of the house
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Great pics! Poor kitties....
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So cute!
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Oh tooo funny!
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Thank You!!
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haha, two very different attitudes the witches have. i love their poses!
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These are great pictures. The happy witch has a "harm none" attitude while he mad witch looks like she's thinking of curses!

Cheers, from
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OMG! LOL Those poor kitties! The bottom picture is definitely the look of a mad witch, hehe
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I have a pic of my Bella in that same outfit but I can't find it!!

Those pics are adorable!!!!
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OH MY! That is SUPER cute!!!!!
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tooo cute!!!!!
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