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Looking for Manx or American Bobtail kitties

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Im not sure if Im posting in the right place or not but.....
Does anyone know where I might find these beautiful creatures?? Ive got a couple of cats (Pooter, Bimbo) and a sweetheart of a Sheltie (Sissy) and an English Budgie.
I used to have a Manx and he was awesome but I cant seem to find anything near the Dallas Fort Worth area at all. Are they getting rare or hard to find now?


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Have you tried doing a web search for breeders? Or check CFA, ACFA, TICA websites for breeder info. There are also breed rescue groups too.

American Bobtails are rarer then Manx are.
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Yes but they are all 4 hours or so away. Which I guess I will end up driving because I want another one so badly.

Oh and thanks for the reply Golden.
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We plan on driving about 5-6 hrs to get our Ocicat in the spring
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Check out this manx - he's neutered and might be what you'd be interested in:


She also has kittens too - and willing to ship. Click on the link to her website - she's got some gorgeous longhair manx!
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I have a manx and I got her as a kitten and well she is a trip shes my lil angel though with sinuses lol and she loves to play fetch...the craziest thing is I found her online in the pennysaver and I know up here in Pa there is alot of Manx that get put in the pennysaver online, i dont know if you guys have that down there, but you will be surpirsed...have you looked on any sites?
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Here's a bit of useful (? ) trivia for you...did you know that the american bobtail is registered under the Long Hair speciality breeds under CFA? All the other tailless cats (Manx and Japanese Bobtails) are recorded as a Short Hair breed!

Good luck in your search!
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I think cause the American Bobtail was orginally a long hair cat when they accepted them.

The manx/JB's were shorthair originally and then the longhairs were added.

CFA did some goofy changes in LH/SH. They went by "type". The exotic shorthair cat was originally in the SH division; but the type was "persian", so it was sent over to compete with the longhairs, even tho it was shorthair.

Was very weird when you had an exotic shorthair in the finals of a LH specialty class and a longhair manx in a SH speciality class.

I have NO clue why they did what they did - to a novice its totally goofy
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Agreed - it is strange to see a full coated Somali getting best SH Ch I understand where its all coming from though...

I would love to own an American Bobtail or a Cymric too!
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ya my stormie is a cyrmic i cant wait till her coat comes in fully, her stubby tail moves so quick and its funny but sooo cute lol....this is my first manx/cyrmic cat and omg she is so fun and energetic and her purring is soo loud, good choice for the manx i now understand why people go crazy for these kitties lol !!
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