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Random Quirks

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Hey everyone,

I've got a few questions about random quirks one of my cats has. They're all very silly and don't really bother me, but make me wonder what goes on in his head.

OK, first, why does he lick my eyelids?? If he can get near my face, he gets super excited if he can lick my eyelids. He will push off my glasses to do it. Sometimes he's sneaky and nuzzles my face, then slips my eyes the tongue. I let him do it once and he almost sand-papered them off. He's purring along and otherwise exstatic during the whole thing. It happens whether or not I have makeup on my eyes.

The next one is why he scratches everything but scratchable surfaces. He'll be in his litter box, have taken a crap, and proceed to scratch the walls of the box (or the walls closest to the box for the open one). It is hilarious to watch, but the result is that he never covers his poo and it stinks. He used to do this a bit too around his food bowl, I think to try and bury his food. Except he was only scratching the linoleum floor. Is he very bright? Haha.

Lastly, he merrrrrrrraooowww's like crazy. His mom did this psychotically, and thankfully he is much better. But I wonder why he does it sometimes. I'll call to him and go see him and he'll stop for 5 minutes, or sometimes completely. But if I go to the bathroom, even if I leave the door open and he sees me go in, he has to meow like I've dissappeared. Sometimes he just does it and I think he likes to narrarate everything he's doing. Like he'll dash off somewhere and make a noise mid-dash that sounds like he's being all effortful and somewhat neurotic.

Anyway, he's really sweet, and pretty much a big ragdoll. He's about 8 months old and lives with his brother (who is generally way more sane.)
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I have a few cats who seem to think it's amusing to scratch the wall around the litterbox. So maybe it's not so unusual after all???
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so anyone have any ideas why my cat does this?
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Just my

He might be getting salt by licking by your eyebrows.

Maybe he wants more attention from you.
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