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Bipolar Cats

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Hello everyone

I've been noticing lately that oscar has a problem. One minute he will be loving on you and the next he is attacking the crap out of you. He really likes to grab your whole arm and just starts bitting and scartching you. Then he will stop after one minute after telling him NO. He will be in the kitchen, he'll meow like he is hurt and when you come to see he attacks your ankles. And now he is jumping up and attacking your legs. Then a couple minutes later he will be sweet again. And the cycles keeps going. He is NOT declawed or neutred. He is 15 weeks and a day.
If anyone can offer me some advice or something. Please Do

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It is time to think about getting him neutered. This is normal behavior for a young male coming into sexual maturity.
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Have to agree with gayef there...sounds like dominance agression. Send him for neutering and all will be well with the world!
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