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Anesthesia does weird things to some kitties...

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First, since you've all been so good to me the last few days with my worry about my boy, I thought I'd share some photos of the dear boy with you - you've all been through a lot and deserve some eye candy.

Our first picture is, The Before Shot:

And the After Shot: Where did they go, mom???

Now, the story: I brought Ferris home from the vet, and had the handy dandy vanilla extract ready to put on Ferris before letting him out of the carrier. Ginger hissed at him at first, but after she got some cookie-smelling perfume on, too, she decided she was happy to see him return and then tried to pounce on him to play.

I nipped that in the bud - no pun intended.

Then I fed him a little tiny bit of wet food, he wolfed it down, and walked around the entire apartment, making sure nothing else had changed today. I sat down in the living room to watch a DVD, and then heard a weird noise near me under a table. I looked to see what it was, and Ferris had a plastic spoon he'd found in the house somewhere, and was playing with it. No big deal, I went back to my movie.

Then I noticed him come around the back end of the couch with the spoon hanging out of his mouth - upside down, like he was licking the last of some ice-cream from it. He walked through the doorway, through my roomie's bedroom, and into the kitchen with the spoon. I thought, no big deal, went back to my movie.

Then Ferris walked back into the living room again, still carrying the spoon, and made a complete circuit of the room, behind all the furniture, walked out, and back through into the kitchen, and then back again, completing a total of about 5 circuits, ALL WHILE CARRYING THIS SPOON IN HIS MOUTH! Like he's on some weird spoon carry-ing mission:

(Please pardon all the kitty litter on my floor...)

Then as I whipped out the camera and started taking pics, Ferris, the little ham that he is, settled down to chew on his plastic prey while posing for the camera:

Then he decided to switch from the spoon to a mouse, and again started carrying it around through the house in a circuit. I think he is reclaiming his territory, LOL!!!

I can feed him again in about 40 minutes - I think all my fears were unfounded! He is almost literally bouncing back, although his behind is a bit sore. There are no sutures at all, and although I haven't been able to get a real good look at his behind, I can already see that things are, well, uhm, different.

And so far, although it may just be the drugs still wearing off, he doesn't seem to totally hate me!

Stay tuned to TCS - I'll have some time to post more Ferris and Ginger pics over the weekend, as my little darling feral boy convalesces!
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Love the before & after!
He's such a big brave hunter! How cute that he carried the spoon around like that.
Hope he contines to do well.
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I have never seen a kitty with a spoon before / lol, poor Ferris, he misses being manly in those first pictures Shame on you!
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Oh he's adorable I love the spoon carrying mission
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He's so cute with that spoon! What a sweetie.

Cheers, from
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aww.............those little pink paws are so cute !
He is a beautiful boy and the spoon thing - well
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Ahhhh he's a doll,and he looks like he likes to get into stuff to aren't the orange babies all just as sweet as can be I have alway's loved orange kitties, My Dunkin has the best and sweetest personality I think most of the orange guys just have personality to spare
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Aww that is just too cute that deseves a treat on that soon next time
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Now those are what I call thread comments, LOL!!!!

I knew that I had to grab a photo of him with that spoon - if you guys could have seen him marching around the house with it, over and over and over again you'd all have laughed your butts off!
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hehe, he's adorable!
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Good Boy Ferris!!! It looks like you are handling everything like a champ!!! Have Meowmy get you some lactose free vanilla breyers! It goes really good with spoons! MeowMeow~~LuckyGirl
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No, Ferris, it's after you get your tonsils out that you get all the ice cream you want.
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There goes another thread....
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