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Easy and the camera...

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Is that Mom on my left with the camera again?

Maybe if I turn my head this way, she will go!!!!!

I'll turn this way, then ....


Easy is really a sweetpea .......

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what a doll!
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Oh Easy your too pretty for the camera!!!
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Those captions are Marvloussssss and what a beauty
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Thank you! Easy is a hoot ... she keeps me laughing .... and she is one of the sweetest cats Ive ever known.
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Aww pami that was great adorable I love this
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What a beautiful lovey she is!

Cheers, from
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Your sweetpea Easy is a classic beauty...
What a yawn.
Wonderful pictures and captions.
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What a BEAUTIFUL cat

Winter Hawk
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Easy, you are such a beautiful girl. Please let Mom take pictures so we can all enjoy them.
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lol, I think she is done with her photoshoot now
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Oh, what a beautiful girl!! Easy is just stunning and I just love the yawning picture. Don't worry Easy, Sash hates the camera too. He's very good at turning his head when mom wants to take a pic.
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oh what a peach, I want to reach in and tickle that beautiful fur-coat
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Gorgeous, GORGEOUS kitty.
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