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My family...

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Here's my three girls waiting on the steps to be fed. Gypsy (the five year old) is in the foreground. Gracie (2.5 years) is the white and brown chunky one. And Sheba my 18 year old wondercat is glaring at the top of the steps. When she does that, we refer to her as "Mrs. Bates," as in the mother from Psycho.

And the other photo is my 2 year old Pekingese, Beavis.
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What an absolutely beautiful family you have. I couldnt help but noitce the pictures on the stairs and then see your web site link. Did you paint those pics?
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Thank you!

Yep, they're my paintings! The room at the top of the stairs is my gallery-studio, and the walls are covered with paintings of my cats, past and present.
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your fur-family are certainly a cute bunch ! Hope Beavis gets on well with your kitties
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Your kitties are beautiful ...Beavis is a cutie too
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Beautiful family!!!

You're also an extremely talented artist!
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Adorable Kitty's I love your painting aswell they are stunning
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