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URIs and Paranoia

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Hi everyone,

Luxor has had a very mild URI from the first day we got him. we took him (and stoli) to the vet to get checked out. the vet said that they usually run about 10-12 days, may get worse before they get better and possibly could relapse.

well today luxor sneezed a couple of times and 2 times today he's coughed/weezed. he's still active, chases stoli, eats and drinks. i called my vet and they said that they'd see him but he'd have to be there by 5, well i tried but the main road there was closed for a halloween party. they said that if i couldn't get there by 5 then they suggested i see the emergency vet - which is on that same road that is closed.

i know none of you can diagnose anything - but does this sound like an emergency situation? I feel paranoid about the whole thing. i didn't think luxor was that bad. i can take him to see his regular vet on Monday - or i can wait a couple hours then take him to the really expensive vet.

i've already taken a shower with him in the bathroom so he could get some steam.
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If he's eating and drinking and not lethargic, I think it'd be safe to wait and see. If he gets worse, though, if he gets mopey, feels feverish or cold, has a discharge from his eyes or nose, won't eat or drink, then I'd call it an emergency.

Is the e-vet open all weekend?
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the e-vet is open all weekend 24 hours. this little kitty has had some eye-boogers since we got him, and his nose is wet.....
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