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Well they are way over budget so they are cutting everyone's hours and they are putting me back on second shift. I will still be fulltime but I can't get any overtime. But I won't have my easy job anymore. But the good thing is I will get my shift differential back. Its kind of a catch 22. I talked to my main boss and she said that she would be putting me back on the easy hall though. So atleast that's good. I don't mind working but I don't need the stress of the other hall it was driving me nuts. And atleast I won't be held responsible for what other people are giving one of our ladies that are on fluid restrictions. Which they had told me they were going to put on me. And I threw a fit about that because I didn't think it was right for them to write me up for stuff that happens when I am not there. Well anyway I guess I was meant to be on second shift for a while. I told her once college starts, hopefully next fall, that I would probably have to do something else and she said she could put me on second shift. But I might see if I can just work weekends when that time comes.
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I'm soo sorry to hear about that I hope things will start to look up for you soon.
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It all happens for a reason..hopefully you get your old job back in no time
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Sorry, I don't do a good job of keeping up with who has what career etc, but clearly you do something medical. I would have a VERY hard time if errors were being made in care of a patient, and I sure wouldn't take the blame for what was not my mistake!

Can you discuss this with anyone? Bottom line, that patient deserves to not have poor care.

I know how much it changes ones life when shifts change, and hope you'll get back to the shift you want in the near future.
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She is on fluid restricktions and she is only supposed to get a certain amount a day and she can't get no less or no more than that. And I was asked why she was getting more and I showed her were I was giving her the amount I was supposed to but the others weren't doing what they were supposed to. And she said she was putting it on me but I am not there 24 hours a day I am not even there at supper time so I can't control what she drinks at that time so I told her she needed to tell the all of the staff at the same time to make sure and watch how much she is drinking but they aren't and I don't think it is my fault if I am doing what I am supposed to do.
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