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Full Body "head butt"

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Gizmo likes to curl up next to me in bed. This morning at two a.m. she slammed her back up against my chest then banged her head against my face.

And left it there.
I was breathing through a (thankfully clean and neat) fur strainer.

I rolled a bit to get the cat off my face. I assume that this is an exceptionally strong 'full body' headbutt? and that it means she is happy?
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That is a "Oh God, Mommy/Daddy I really love you and need you and this is how I want to show you that I love you and need you and you are supposed to wake up now and p et me" heat but.
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How cute!!

I don't get head butts except in the mornings when Callie's trying to wake me up to feed her, then I get head butts and head rubs. Her normal way of telling me she loves me is to do 'the lean' where she just leans up against my legs while I'm standing. If I'm really lucky, I'll get "the flop" where she puts her shoulders down and then rolls over onto her side flopping her hips down, showing me her tummy. On a few rare occasions, I get the full roll over.

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Gizmo flops all the time, particularly in the studio where she is not allowed to stay when I'm not around.

She also likes to go for horsie-back rides on my shoulders.
I assume that the body slam was a 'wuv you' move.
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Yay for head butts!!!! I've one cat who's about 11 lbs and likes to butt my nose...dang it hurts! but, he's always purring when he does it tho!! I know he luuurrrvvveees me!
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Nothing like a good head butt!! Is that an oxymoron?
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Awww! That's sweet. Abby likes to cuddle on her terms, so the only time I get "head butts" is when I'm sitting in my office chair and she decides to jump up and get some snuggles. Then she tucks her head under my chin and presses her head upwards.

The rest of the time she's doing the slamming of her back/side against me, even in bed. For some reason she doesn't like to lay with her head towards my head (maybe it's my breath ) instead... I get her back end by my head, LOL Good think she doesn't have a gas problem, lol
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
Nothing like a good head butt!! Is that an oxymoron?
Not to a goat! Speaking of which, I have a friend in the country who keeps both stray cats and a goat. The goat tolerates the cats quite well or perhaps I should say the cats tolerate the goat quite well.
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She doesn't do the head butt all the time, but lately she's taken to waking me up each morning, then insisting on stepping onto my lap as I sit on the edge of the bed. Then she climbs to my shoulders and we go walkies. I HAVE to get a picture of this sometime.
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