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Does this picture count as "cute?"

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Tell me....does this picture qualify as cute or is it in the stupid department?

My poor, poor, Rocko....making the most of being locked in my office....LOL!

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Is the picture real? It doesn't look real.
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now that is frustration! hope you sent it to Anne for the Caption This forum! LOL
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Hahahaha!!!!! That poor kitty wants to play! Well...I would say the picture definitely qualifies as cute!
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Ok...Ok...Fuzzy, you caught me. ...
However, THIS one is real.....
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And JUST to make matters's a picture of my son rescuing Rocko after being trapped in office the very same day....

Poor boy, he likes sleeping on my Mac...sad part is-he's the same color as my G4 tower.

(Note: Rocko is missing a grin)
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The one with the rats does not look real, either!!

But..the one with your son, does!!! Very cute!!
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The picture with the paws ........ that does look real to me! Did you use photoshop? That pic of your son and cat is cute!
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Those rats don't look normal to me, they've been added there after, I swear!
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The cat's shadow goes to the left, the mouse's shadow goes toward the back. I don't think its real.
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:laughing: I was being totally sarcastic when I posted the, incredibly cheesy , "Cat & Rats" picture above:eye&mouth: ...

I posted it after Fuzzy said my "Paws Under the Door" picture didn't look real. What's funny is that is a real picture of Rocko's paws under the doorway

You won't believe what happened next!
The rats got nervous when I started taking pictures and posting them on the web.....So, the next thing I knew, they LEFT and DROVE BACK to the original scene and managed to be in full compliance with OSHA.

I guess there's a lot of liability involved....... :clown:
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You are good!

All these pictures are a hoot!
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The real funny part about the picture with paws is that that is reality in my house. My Loki does that all the time, whether the door is open or closed!!!
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Who cares whether the pictures are real - I don't! Although I have to say as far as I'm concerned the jury's still out on the paws under the door - they kind of look real but the don't . . .

The cat is well cute, and the pictures are just really cool - I think the photoshop work is clever (I never really got the hang of retouching on the computer - too old - and far too used to doing it by hand).

Excellent job kimward34.
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I always love your stuff- real or not! And that black and white cow kitty is to cute!
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Well thank you, Hissy. After all, I owe it all to my 4 boys.... they have been very patient with me....I think they think I am nuts.... I think they pose for me out of pure pity (and for cat treats)....<grin>

I bet Norman Rockwell would have just loved this technology!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

One more picture......I've gotta get it out of my system....(and off of my desktop)
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Now that one's real. right?? :laughing:

You are so talented with creating those pictures!!! I wish I could do that!!! I really enjoy them! And I believe you that the first one is real....I have the same scene in my bathroom, everytime I am in there with the door shut. The paws come under the door....Merlin thinks he ought to be let in, no matter what I am doing in there. He can't understand I might want a little privacy once in awhile!! :laughing:
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Those pictures are GREAT! And it didn't occur to me that the first picture wasn't real - our cats do that all the time - except their paws are curled up, swatting at it and fishing around for it! I almost think they have more fun when the mouse is in the next room and they can't quite get at it. LOL!
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Oops - didn't read page 2. Just had to say to Debby (who has other things on her mind today!), same thing here all the time! Both cats go nuts, and we get four paws going like mad - often batting each other while trying to grab at something, anything, GIVE ME SOMETHING PLEASE!

(We keep straws in the bathroom now so we can play with them under the door.)
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You're a Graphic Designer! I woz one once - pre-macs (well, I was stopping as they were becoming established).

That would account for the brilliant comping together of images. Those smiles on your kitties are sooo cheeky - they're BRILLIANT!!

Are you freelance?

We have a studio full of designers doing mac stuff all day - but I never see anything as funny as your 'Fab Fur'
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Wellll......if you've got a Mac G4, you can just about fly! No wonder those pics are so great . Looking forward to more "treats" from you and the MG4.
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