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Urinary Tract Infection

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My cat Simon recently developed a urinary infection. The problem came to light when he started having peeing outside his pan. He has been on medication (pills) since Saturday morning (Oct 21st)f and was showing improvement, peeing where he should be. But he had an accident outside the pan Thursday night and I found another Friday morning before I left for work. I give him his medicine twice a day and only missed it on Thursday morning because he won't let me give it to him. I was about to Thursday night but Friday morning was very difficult to give the pill again but I persisted and got it down.

During all this the last couple days he is showing little interest in dry food. He is a heavy cat and two weeks ago I started him on a diet. So instead of dry food whenever he wants I give him an opprotunity in the morning and evening, leaving the food out for 1/2 hour or more. The last two mornings he has not eaten any dry at all, but will eat the cat food I give him as a treat before I leave for work (always done this).

I think he may be stressed about the change in the eating situation and also the medication. So I was wondering if I should just put his dry food down 24/7 until he is over the urinary infection. So he only has one thing to stress about, the pills.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. L.
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I'm going through the same thing now with Cody, my female cat. UGH!!!!!
She pee'd twice in the dining room Thurday and then again tonight so I'm calling the vet tomorrow morning. Looks to be an infection to me which she has had before. She is also a obese cat which I'm putting on a diet.

My thought is he is probably just not hungry because of the medicine, that might be a side effect...even though Cody has never had that problem.
If it persists and he's still not eating after a couple days, call back your vet and ask him about it. I'll let you know if I find out more info tomorrow.
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Be careful with sudden changes in diet or a diet itself, it should be done carefull because you can really screw up the cat if not. If you can, switch him to a high quality wet (canned) food. All dry is unhealthy, fattening, full of carbs, and wet will add water to his diet to help prevent UTIs. For dry food, if you choose to still go that route, get something like Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul or Premium Edge. They contain cranberry extract which is a good UTI preventative for animals and humans too. You can add more water to the canned food as well. Or you can add cranberry extract to his wet food too.

For pilling the cat, are you scruffing him and holding him down and pushing it way back with your finger? That is the best way if you don't have a pill popper. You can pill the most hateful cats that way successfully. I was just curious since you said he won't let you give it to him. Obviously no cat is going to willingly take it.
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Wet is best but do it slow and AFTER the uti is over...

Corn or Corn gluten is often used to balence the acid in chn based foods....
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Free feeding is thought to be worse for UTI's as well.
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My cat has cystitis (don't know if that is the same, don't think so but FIS and UTI, and FUS, have me confused), anyway, he has sandy material in his urine if I don't give him twice a day carpon. You can search it on the web, and it has helped him immensly. I have purchased the US equivalent of cystease, which is used in the UK, to strengthen the bladder wall. Haven't started it yet, because of the pill issue. My guy gets two carpons a day, I am reluctant to add two more pills. But I bought it, so I should give it a try. I am hoping that whatever it does will cure my guy all together so he doesn't develop too much sandy material, and won't need to acidify.

Anyway some other pill giving ideas are to put butter on the pill and use the pill pockets. My guy will not eat the pill pockets, but he does like a little butter on his pill. I pull his head all the way back so his mouth drops open a little, and then with the other hand forefinger and thumb holding the pill aom right for the center and push it down with your finger. I keep my fingernail clipped. Sometimes he jerks and I miss my mark and then ti is a battle to get it down, but we manage. I hate doing it and he hates it to.
You should ask your vet to demonstrate how to give pills next time you are there.
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Thanks for your message. How is Cody?

It is like torture giving Simon his pills, but this morning there was a pee in the cat pan. So it looks like it is working. His eating is still down but he is eating, just not what he normally does. It's just no fun having a sick pet.
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No, it's definitely not fun! Glad to hear Simon is eating again and hopefully feeling better.

Right now, Cody has been going in the litterbox BUT we have found multiple spots all over the house where she's pee'd. It's driving me crazy, honestly. I couldn't get in to the vets Sat, so I need to call back today. The vet will probably want to do another Urine test (which we have had done multiple times). If he says it's behavior, I don't know what I am going to do.

And we are on day 3 of no free feeding and it had not been a fun past 2 nights. They are waking up all hours of the night, thus waking us up. Boo has been okay with it but Cody is crying all the time for food. I think her nervous behavior is contributing to her weight gain since she eats when she's nervous.

I also introduced them to wet food Friday night...starting off by giving them a little taste at a time. Boo likes it, Cody won't even try it and she's the one who needs the protein. UGH - This cat is going to be the death of me!
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Oh and for future pill giving, ask your vet for one of those plastic needles they use in their office, only cut in half without the needle. I put the pill in it and basically just shoot it down her throat. It happens so fast, she doesn't even feel it. Plus, there's no struggle, no fussing, no foaming at the mouth, no spitting it up, no choking the kitty and no pills getting caught in her throat whatsoever. I have found this the easiest way to make sure she gets her medicine.
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Yes, both stress and changes in diet can trigger urinary outbreaks... so you've got a two-for-one situation right now. The cat does sound stressed.

For now I would absolutely go back to the cat's normal diet until the symptoms are gone. After the cat is healthy again, then I agree with those who suggest you should introduce wet food to the cat's diet. Provide lots of water, also. And my feeling is that it's better to free feed a lite cat food (both wet and dry) than to limit portions of a regular-fat cat food. I think you might see equally good results by putting the cat on a diet cat food, and the cat will be eating the same amount so won't feel stressed or deprived.

In my opinion, the risks of urinary problems (possible blockages and death) are greater and more immediate than those of being overweight. So if none of these solutions work, I wouldn't persist with the diet for your cat.
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Sorry to hear that Cody is still having problems? Simon's doing really well today. He took his pill great this evening, or maybe I'm just getting better. He's snuggled on my lap right now purring away. While since he's over 17 lbs. only half of him is on my lap. Does Cody have a weight problem? Simon is a large cat, 14 or 15 lbs would be be great for him.

I did go back to feeding him dry food 24/7 and giving wet food in the morning before I leave for work. I might try again with the reduction of food when his health is good again. I think he might have been unhappy about winter coming, because I had to close all the windows in the house.

Hey I saw that your a graphic designer, so am I. I've been a designer forever. While I was going to school for my BFA, I worked as a designer. And have been working in the field full-time since '92. I wish I could make a living as a fine artist, but at least I am in a profession that allows me to be creative all the time.

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Hi Laurie,

Yep, I totally agree...I love working in a creative field. I'm a graphic designer for the dairy industry...got milk? Do you work for a company or freelance? My husband doesn't understand my constant need to be creatively challenged! I just started working on the "design" of our upstairs bedroom (I wanted to be an interior designer at one time!) Love putting colors together, painting and watching it all come together. I feel like I tackled Illustrator so I'm currently trying to learn more about Photoshop and all it's infinite uses...keeps changing! Oh, and trying to teach myself InDesign...the switch from Quark has not been easy!

Sounds like Simon is feeling better! Yeah! Do you have any pictures of him? Cody does have a bad weight problem...she's about 23 lbs right now. She's HUGE, looks more like a dog than a cat. She started her diet on Friday...no more free feeding. I also bought some wet food and Boo's been eating it while Cody just snubs her nose at it. She needs the protein. The past few nights have been hard as they are use to getting up for snacks...now they're playing and attacking each other. I do think her weight is contributing to her problem. I called the vet back and he said it is probably behavioral as she seems to be "marking" her territory with small pee marks and is still using the litterbox. (we have had her tested multiple times for everything) I haven't noticed any blood in her urine which is usually a clear sign of a UTI. I'm wondering if she just can't hold it in?

So right now our house is completely blocked off with baby gates so she can't get into the nice rooms. It has been very frustating the past couple years, she does it on and off. What do you do with a cat that pees all over the place...sometimes? She's ruining our house and it's breaking my heart. The vet said to bring her in if she has another "accident" this week and bring in yet another urine sample. UGH!!!!!!
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Holy crap...I wrote a book...sorry!!
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That's ok I like reading books.

I ran Simon to the vet this morning. The medicine he is on does not seem like it was helping. He only went in his cat pan on Monday, but not since. So the vet put him on a different antibiotic. The other news is he has lost over a pound, he is now 16 lbs. 4 oz. Which of course is good because I want him to lose weight, but I can consistantly worrying about how much he isn't eating. He show an interest in the wet food, but then only eats a little bit. I have not seen him eat dry food since Saturday. But the vet said not to worry about his weight, if it was only that easy.

Everything else about him seems perfectly normal, he still plays, sleeps well, no throwing up, it is drivng me NUTS. Nothing is right when I have a sick cat.

Let me just say WOW, Cody is a big cat. What would be a good weight for him?

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Hey, I sent you a picture of Simon. I'm just learning how to use this sight so bare with me. L.
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Originally Posted by russ0268 View Post

Everything else about him seems perfectly normal, he still plays, sleeps well, no throwing up, it is drivng me NUTS. Nothing is right when I have a sick cat.

Let me just say WOW, Cody is a big cat. What would be a good weight for him?
I wish Cody was a "him"...then it wouldn't be that bad...but she should probably be around 15 lbs as her bone structure is big. I can hardly even carry her in the cat carrier anymore. She's been going outside chasing leaves for more exercise too.

That is so strange that Simon isn't eating...Cody always eats no matter what meds she's on or how she feels...hence the 20some weight. Glad you got him a new antibiotic...hopefully this will help. Did they tell you how long before it should kick in? Has he been having more accidents outside the pan?
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To many accidents outside the pan. But it's really the not eating that's got me worried. He did eat some chicken I offered him this morning, so I will try that again tonight. Just take it one day at a time.
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Yep, hope tomorrow is a better day...keep us updated!
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Hi Susan,

Just want to see how everything was going. Simon is doing better, he is eating plenty of wet food everyday. From this site I have been told that a primary wet diet for Simon could be the best thing for his health. And he is starting to go in his cat pan again. I guess the new medicine is starting to take effect. I am staying hopeful but am still taking one day at a time.

How is Cody doing? Is she being a good girl and going pee where she should?

Hey, I was in the pet food store today getting plenty of canned food for my guys and a woman walked in with a Sphynx kitten. It was the first time I have seem one in person. She said she takes her everywhere. I have always thought they were kind of funny looking, but she was very cute, and soft. I don't think I could own one, but never say never.

Hope your have a good weekend. I am almost done with paying bill and want to start working on one of my drawings. Never enought time to work on my own art.

Take care, Laurie
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Glad to hear your Simon is eating better and feeling better.
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Oh I hear ya Laurie...we spent the afternoon in Ikea as I am redesigning the upstairs bedroom. I painted one wall espresso brown and am going to pair it with teal and white. Probably take me forever but it's so much fun!

Sphinx cats...are they the hairless ones that Rachel had on friends?

So glad to hear Simon is doing better! What kind of wet food do you feed him? So he got his appetite back? That's wonderful news, it must be the right meds!! I got Cody and Boo several different kinds of can food and she will not even try them. I'm wondering if that wet food in the pouches would be better?

She pee'd in the family room AGAIN this weekend. Boo must have accidently knocked down the baby gate when jumping over and she ran in there and got the coner. I also found some more in the dining room. (On one of my old canvas paintings!) ARGH!!!!!! I had to trash it. I simply do not know what to do with her. I may try taking her to another vet for a second opinion. It's wearing on both me and hubby...and I just ran out of cleaning solution!

Hope you had a great weekend too! I so wish the weekends lasted LONGER.
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I am so sorry to hear about Cody, how frustrating. I am still worried that Simon is not going to continue with his good behavior. Like I said eariler I am trying to be opimistic, but I have felt this way before and he went back to peeing on the living room carpet. I did remove the rug from the room and cleaned the wood floor really good. I was thinking maybe he was going in there because I couldn't totally remove the smell. And all weekend he went in the pan, there was nothing this morning but with crossed fingers I will hopfully find some when I get home tonight. So is Cody going in specific areas of the house, should you maybe have the carpets cleaned to make sure it's not the smell that's bring her back. Just an idea. And I agree I would take her to a different vet, never hurts to get a second opinion.

Brown and teal? now that is a color combo that I probably wouldn't do. But that could be that I am not a fan of teal. I did paint my kitchen recently a dark chocolate with a cove ceiling effect, it has white trim and off white cupboards. And the floor is large green tiles. It turned out great, I get lots of complements on it.

Oh, Simon is also taking his med mixed in with his wet food. So no more forcing it down him, thank goodness!!!

And I also think we should have three day weekends. Where is the politican who runs on that, pass a bill to make a 32 hour work week, and three day weekends. Now that's someone I would vote for.

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Sorry to bring this thread back. I hope Simon and Cody are doing much better! I was surfing the web researching UTI's when I found this forum....I hope someone can help put my mind at ease!

I have a 8 week old kitten, Charlotte. I got her 4 weeks ago from a shelter. Last Tuesday, Halloween, I noticed she was having difficulty urinating and a little blood was coming out and noticed she hadn't been eating as much. I took her to the vet the next day and they sent her home with antibiotics. I've been giving them to her since Thursday....and she's still having problems urinating. She's going #2 just fine, but her appetite isn't what it used to be.

My question....have any of you had this problem with a kitten? Should it have cleared up by now since she's on meds? Is it something serious to worry about? I've asked the vet but can't seem to get a straight answer, I was hoping fellow cat lovers would have some experience with this...any helpful information would be much appreciated!
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I have never had a kitten before, all my cats have been close to a year old when I got them. I would be more concerned that your vet isn't giving you a straight answer. Maybe you need to talk to a different vet.

In my experience with my cats is that it does take a few days for the med's to take effect, but my cat Simon wasn't doing well with one kind of med so we switch to something else and he seems to be responding better.

I'm sure someone out here will have been info about kittens.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Thanks Laurie. Glad to hear you found the right medication for Simon... I've been researching like crazy about UTIs in kitties. I was just reading how it's very common when they don't respond to the meds. How frustrating! I'm scheduled to take her back for a check up on Wednesday. Hopefully all will go well. I'm just hoping this isn't a serious problem and will all go away very soon! She's my very first cat and I'm extremely protective. I hate to see her in such discomfort
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First off, welcome to TCS!

Sorry to hear Charlotte isn't feeling well. Glad you're bringing her back to the vet. It's been a week, long enough for those meds to take effect and it doesn't sound like they are working. Usually with the right medicine, the kitty will start to feel better within a couple days, similar to humans. And UTI's are very painful to our little guys...paws crossed there's not anything else wrong.

Please let us know how you make out...and hope you're little girl is feeling better soon!
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Originally Posted by russ0268 View Post
So is Cody going in specific areas of the house, should you maybe have the carpets cleaned to make sure it's not the smell that's bring her back. Just an idea. And I agree I would take her to a different vet, never hurts to get a second opinion.

Brown and teal? now that is a color combo that I probably wouldn't do. But that could be that I am not a fan of teal. I did paint my kitchen recently a dark chocolate with a cove ceiling effect, it has white trim and off white cupboards. And the floor is large green tiles. It turned out great, I get lots of complements on it.

Hi Laurie!

Cody is going in specific areas...in our dining room on this wood bay window/storage area. I have cleaned it OVER and OVER...but I think it's in the wood and we can't get it all out without completely replacing the wood. UGH! The other place is in the corner in the family room. I have cleaned the area with kitty solution, then mouthwash and I'll probably steam the carpets soon. It's a process I tell you! We also got the black light out to get some other hidden "spots"...it's so delightful...NOT!

It's been quiet since Saturday. Paws crossed she doesn't see any stray cats outside...that seems to be when she has accidents. How's Simon doing? Hopefully he's feeling all better. How old is he?

Yep, brown and teal...but the teal is more turquiose than green...its very modern and that's a switch for me...I usually stay with neutral, paler colors. What's a cove ceiling effect? Brown and green are pretty together...bet it looks good. We're looking to re-do our kitchen next year...painting the cabinets white with green walls.

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Hi Susan,

It definitly sounds like your dealing with a dehavioral issues, how fustrating. I put an extra pan out last night with the Cat Attract litter and it got used, so somebody likes it. I liked the little informational brochure that came in the bag. It talked about everything, specifically some things to do with issues your dealing with. So if you've tried it in the past I might give it another try and use some of the suggestions it mentions.

How is Simon? Well seems to be doing great, eating, using the potty room, and he was more playful last night. Jumping up for toys, going around in circles. I think that might also have to do with getting his weight down. He's going to have more energy. I've been talking to much about Simon, did you know I have another cat? Sofie. She is a dream, easy, adjusts to everything, sweet, playful, and she loves Simon. Here are a couple pictures of her.

I adopted her from a resue group when she was about a year old. Simon is around 8 years old and Sofie's is about 2. Doesn't she have the prettiest eyes?

The cove ceiling effect is when you paint onto the ceiling. Remember the old home where the walls curved into the ceiling, it wasn't a sharp 90 degree angle, that is a cove ceiling. So I just tried to implement that with a painting effect. I think I painted about 9" onto the ceiling, I've never seen it done before but everyone who sees it loves it. My kitchen is quite large and I have very high ceiling so it really works well.

I need to get back to a photo I've been retouching since yesterday. Talk to you soon.

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Oh I did not know you had another kitty...SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! But I'm partial to tabbies. She sounds like a little lovebug like Boo is. He's only 1 year old...Cody is about 5 1/2. It's nice to hear they both get along well too. We should put Boo and Sofie together, the two tabbies...and Simon and Cody together, the problem children!

Speaking of which, hubby banished her to the downstairs last night. We came home from the DMV to find her behind the wood (we have this huge wood panel to keep her out of the living room, she must have snuck in behind Boo) and she marked in the family room. It was only a little bit of pee so the vet considered it marking...as she is still using the regular kitty box. UGH! Dennis just freaked as he and I are just at our wit's end with her. She is destroying our whole house (2 year old new carpet). I feel bad putting her downstairs but it's getting out of control. I let Boo go down there to play with her this morning.

One good thing is the diet seems to be working as I think she's lost a pound or 2 in the past couple weeks. At least she can't eat Boo's food when they're seperated like this. I simply do not know what to do with her. I just had testing done on her a year ago...vet said we could do it again but he suggested a kitty anti-depressant for her. I may try it as I don't know what else to do.

Anywho, hope you're having a better week than me! Looking forward to painting and working on the modern bedroom this weekend! Are you working on anything fun?
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Isn't that always the case, the problem kitty is the one who gets all the attention. Yes, Sofie is a cutie, as she gets older she likes to snuggle more which I like. I had a cat Wilma, who was 17 years old when she passed a few years back (still miss her). Well I didn't want Simon to be alone so after a year I felt ready for another cat. And so I went looking for Sofie, I spend maybe a minutes with her and just knew. If took a couple months but she won over Simon and it's been great ever since. I would say who biggest problem is when I play with them she can be a toy hog, but she is probably twice as fast as Simon. Hence the weight, she's half as big as him. But I have to say that since he's has been losing a little weight and eating a wet diet he has been much more active. Jumping for toys and running around, it's nice to see that in him again. I'll just have to keep a closer eye on his behavior and make sure he stays active.

Wow, what a bummer. Don't feel bad about leaving her in the basement. What other chose do you have. I think limiting her enviorment will help you get control back. I think getting her weight down is very important. And by putting her in the basement you have better control of her diet. She will adjust. My mother at one time keep her two cats confined to the kitchen and basement because she was finding it hard to keep up with the cat hair. Her one cat sheds more than any cat I've ever known. And they didn't like it at first, but then adjusted and it worked out fine.

My week has been good, except I managed to get sick. Not enough to keep me away from work, but enough to make me feel kind of shitty. I've got to pick up more meds for Simon tomorrow, 20 more days and then he'll be done. Can't wait. I hope to have plenty of time this weekend for working on my drawing. I also have a collage piece I want to work on. I would like to see pictures of the modern bedroom when it's done, got to see those colors together.

Hang in there Susan, remember you need to make decisions that are best for You, even if Cody doesn't agree she will adjust. Talk to you soon, Laurie
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