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cate ate a piece of plastic

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hi, my cat ate a piece of plastic half an inch long and like 1/8 of an inch wide.
should i worry?
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The first thing you need to do is get the vet on the phone- tell them what the plastic came off of (some plastics are toxic to kitties, some are not) - tell the vet how bit the plastic was and how long ago she/ he swallowed it. That is the first thing you should do- call your vet- he may recommend exploriatory surgery if the plastic becomes obstructive to the kitty's health - or he may just say wait and see if the kitty passes it in the litter pan or vomits it- but go ahead and call to be on the safe side/Has she been trying to vomit the plastic up yet?
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she just bit it off, its from the kids toy and the piece is not hard at al, she was about to ate whole thing but i took it away. the piece is very soft and flexible
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checked what the toy is made of, its a silicon rubber, not plastic
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Be careful because I have a cat that ate a piece of the nylon plastic ribbon that they put on balloons and he nearly died from it. It got stuck in his intensines and he had to have emergency operation to remove it. It was awful though watching him suffer before it was determined what the problem was! I would be extremely adamant about keeping any pieces of plastic that can be chewed off.
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Any updates on your furbaby? Did you check with the vet?
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Trout loves plastic..she swallows it before I can get it away from her...she has never had a problem...but that is more like plastic bag plastic..not hard plastic. Hopefully your kit is okay. Anytime Trout does swallow it, I keep a close eye on her afterward.

Good luck
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I put all plastic bags under the sink at once. There are very few since I do all my shopping with canvas bags, and Gizmo can play with and in them as much as she likes.
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How is the kitty? Any word yet? I hope she is ok! Please keep us posted.

My cats love plastic bags! They don't have a chance at them very often...but if the corner of one is left hanging out...They try to eat it!
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