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Raw feeders - input on this food please!

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I was looking at this food in the freezer cabinet of pets at home today and was wondering what peeps thought of it? Would I need to add any supplements to that? (although I'm only thinking of feeding raw a few times a week and they'd be getting a complete wet food the rest of the time)


There's a picture of a cat and a dog on the front and it implies it's a complete food for both, but there isn't much in way of information on the back as to how to feed and whether cats need any supplements - just a serving size guide based on weight.
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I don't feed raw, but the first ingredient is tripe, which is a kind of fat...and the protein level is only 12%. Is that good?
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I feed raw to my dogs. Tripe is cow stomach, considered a protein. We consider the contents in the tripe protein as well as vegetable since grains, grasses, etc are in the stomach.

Now as for percentages, this is my first cat and she isn't on raw like my dogs are so I'm not sure recommended proteins percentages for cats. If it were a dog, I could tell you

I'd like to see more information listed about the food. It says oil 10%, oil from what? I do like that is has the bones, meat, veggies already done up for you though
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Yeh, I'm fine about the tripe - sounds yukky but it's bits of the animal a cat would eat if it caught it's own prey. Remember that the 12% protein is not calculated on dry matter as this is a wet food - I've just looked at a couple of cans of wet food I have in and the protein is listed as about 10%, and that was a good quality food, so that's comparable. Unfortunately the back of the package didn't give much more information than on the web site. Natures menu who make it also produce a commercial wet food in pouches - that is very good (one of the best you can get over here with a high meat content and no grains, fillers, artificial preservatives etc.) so I'd guess the quality of ingredients would be ok.
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I'm hopeful sharky or vanillasugar will be by to offer their advice.

I feed raw and I use HealthyPaws (tryhealthypaws.com) and it comes in chicken, beef, quail, goat, turkey, duck and rabbit. It's listed as a "complete" meal as it doesn't require any added supplements. You do need to check if they are using something like tripe that they have added in a calcium supplement. In the beef i use they do that, but the chicken, turkey etc comes with bones ground in to provide the calcium.
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hi there, i think it looks pretty good, but I make my own and don't usually feed premade raw. The only thing is--in my experience dogs love tripe, it's good for them, but cats won't touch it. That is the one ingredient that gives me pause for cats. To make my meals, I follow advice from my vet, The New Natural Cat book, oh and yes, the cats!! good luck
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What about using ZiwiPeak? I know it's available in Europe, though not sure where in England. I found one british site online, but they are only carrying the ziwipeak treats.

Anyway..here is the company website www.ziwipeak.com - product is air-dried raw.
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Hmm...looks good. I especially like the freeflow mince complete mix. Grain free! Although, it's probably cheaper to prepare your own food, if you're only feeding it a couple times a week, I'm sure that's fine. I don't see anything wrong with it!
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I think it is okay ... but I everyone I see claims to have gentley cooked rice... Too ME that is a no go in a premade raw but it would make it "complete"...

12% protein is really about 36-46% since you have to get a dry matter % due to 65% moisture...

If this is the only premade raw you can get then I say give it a go ... but if you can do look into the Ziwi as it is the safest way to do raw ( freeze dried that is ) .... I am actually going to ask about it at the vet next week for my girls...

I also have animals that tripe is a no go
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I think it looks goodö. I'd feed my cats with it if it was available in Sweden.
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