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Cats & 'Paranormal Activity' ?

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Hi all! (I hope you and your cats are all well)

Sorry for the short questions or if I come off rude or anything I'm just not very good on these forum things

We have a stray cat who comes in our house from time to time, she is healthy very cute and playful. She has no problems at all (except she did a very smelly poo the second day she came) We give her the right amount of food and water. I'm not sure if she is owned, but I have a strong feeling she is. She looks about a year old and we like her alot, she likes us too. Is there anything we can do to stop her pooing in our bedrooms and stuff? We have no experience with cats, only a dog (which died 14 years ago). Basically we just want to keep it healthy the best we can in the time we have with her. We have to let her outside alot because we are busy and I just hate it sometimes. Any tips on what to give her or maybe what to do in the basic of situations would be great

Oh and one last question, I know alot/some of you may not believe in ghosts and stuff but can Cats sense if there is any paranormal activity in certain rooms? or in places where there is nothing, but the cat is drawn in by sounds or something invisible to us?

Again, sorry and hi all!
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I will let somebody else answer your first part but for the second part, I definately believe that cats "see" things or are aware of things that we are not. What those things are, I have no idea, but all of the cats that I have had always seemed to know something was going on or in a room that I had no idea of. Just to see the expression on the cat and you would know that they at least THOUGHT they knew something about something that you and I cannot even imagine. (Play scary music here.)
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Have you made a real effort to find out if the cat's 'owned'? It could be important as far as having you both feeding her and eventually her getting fat, never mind other problems. If you ask around the neighbourhood, someone might know who she belongs to - and if she does have a 'real' home, stop allowing her into yours, which will solve the poo problem. And if you're sure she really doesn't belong to anyone else (be really sure though!), then commit to her properly, get her vet checked, find out what an appropriate diet would be, and consider keeping her as an indoor cat.
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First question, I agree with Larke, strays can bring many parasites and or other threatening health issues to your familly and pets. If you really like her, you should find out if she is a stray, if so take her to the vets and keep her as an indoor-outdoor if that works best!
Second question, I truely believe in a spiritual world, and that many animals are more open to paranormal activity which we are not, similar to how they say children are. A while ago i posted a pic of Maia that has a questionable glow.........
Here it is................

There was nothing that would give a reflection when I took it, she was actually under a blanket, and it kind of looks like she is looking right at it! I think either her aura or her angel...........weird huh?!
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My cat Jupiter gets fed by 6 neighbours (that I KNOW off, I suspect there is more) despite us telling them he is on a diet, so I agree that you should find out if the cat is owned before you continue to feed it!

(I also get very annoyed that I spend a FORTUNE on good quality cat food for Ju which he'll eat, then go and eat kit-e-kat at the neighbours! lol)

To find out if she is owned, you can ring the RSPCA who can give you a list of missing cats in your area, as can your local vet or the Cats Protection Leaugue.

You can also get her checked for a microchip at the vets.

Then if you decide to keep her (if not her, then why not get a cat anyway? There are so many that need homes and you sound like you are 'ready' for a cat if your lives!) try putting a litter tray filled with soft, sandy litter (Catsan do a nice but expensive litter) in the ares of the room where she poops. I like to use big storage boxes or toys chests rather than litter trays as they are easier to keep clean, need changing less, stop litter from being tracked around the house, and encourage cats to use them as they are spacious, less stinky and are really good to dig and bury in!

I hate to say this but.... if she looks clean, healthy, well fed, is friendly and only comes at certain times of the day (rather than ALWAYS trying to get in your house), then I bet she has an owner and is just an oppotunist, or gets bored when they are at work.

As for the spooky question, my other cat Maverick sometimes wakes me up in the night by gorwling at what feels like a huge invisble ball of energy coming from the corner of ym room... weird!
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Originally Posted by Novor View Post

Oh and one last question, I know alot/some of you may not believe in ghosts and stuff but can Cats sense if there is any paranormal activity in certain rooms? or in places where there is nothing, but the cat is drawn in by sounds or something invisible to us?

Again, sorry and hi all!
I believe they can! Animals are very sensitive to things and some pick up on events that are about to happen such as seizures. Some animals have even been known to react to certain diseases like cancer.

Several years ago I used to live in an apartment, and like most people I didn't know the history of the particular apartment that I had moved into.

The cat I had back then used to freak me out! There was an area in the hallway area by a closet that she avoided. She walked around the area to go by it, and she would often sit near and stare either down or up.

I lived there for about a year when someone who had lived in the building much longer told me that someone had been murdered or killed themself in my particular apartment. I don't think it was the tentants just prior to me though.

I firmly believe that Kira was picking up on "something" in that area that bothered her.
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While you're doing your detective work, why not try keeping a litterbox in the house for her? Even a disposable one might help--she's going to go all over the house if she doesn't have a designated place.
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