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Hello there!

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Hi! This is my first time on a website like this, I think the idea of a forum for cat owners is awesome!

I need help: I bought a new kitten a week ago, but no name has fit her yet!!! I have tried a lot too, believe me. She is 8 weeks old, a dilute calico with gold eyes, she and I have a weird connection, like, a friend I knew was fostering her and I visited her house sometimes, and as soon as I walk into the room the kitten was in, the purring could be heard from the other side! She also loves to be cuddled, nibbling ears and to explore. Any ideas?
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Welcome Kytti! I am glad you have found us! If this is your first experience on a site like this, you have picked a good one. We are all easy to get to know, and we love new people! Feel free to jump in on any of the threads. As to your kitty's name....no suggestions from me. My first one went several weeks without a permanent name too. Don't worry, something will come to you!
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Thank you, I suppose unless anyone has other ideas I will let my inspiration guide me...:tounge2: He he I might just break open my mother's baby names book that got passed on to me and try to get ideas from that.
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You may want to look here for some ideas.

2000 CAT NAMES Naming your kitten
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Hi there Kytti.

This is the first site I joined too. It's so great for cat info, support or just general chit-chat.

Tell us more about your bond with your furbaby - she sound adorable. Any pictures yet?

We're mad for piccies of kitties - especially baby ones!

Good luck with the naming - it's hard to make suggestions, but the one thing I would put forward is that try and make is something that's special for you - my cats are named after a beautiful song, a beautiful city, and a car designer who designed beautiful cars (hubb's idea . . .)

Let us know what you come up with!
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Thanks for the site link, Fuzzy317. I'm making a list of all kinds of names and we're trying them all out...but keep the ideas coming!

No pics yet...we ordered a dig. cam a few days ago & when it comes in I promise to post pics!!!

More about the kitten:

She loves climbing on my shoulder and nibbling on ears, isn't much of a meower until its important (her first meow that I heard was in the morning when I was too tired to get up..."I need my breakfast NOW meowme!" and when I gave her her first bath... it was a soapy mess all over the bathroom. But she's so gentle and sweet that she'll let just about anyone hold her, and purrs when people walk into the room.
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Welcome to the site! This was also my first foray into the world of forums, and I am completely addicted to this site - as many of our members are. It is a very warm and friendly place.

Naming kitties is very challenging, I know. Since she sounds like a little how about angel names? Angel Names There are hundreds of names here so you can find the one that is just purrfect for your little angel. I.e. Aftiel - Angel of Twilight (since she is a muted calico), Hasmodia - spirit of the moon, or just choose a name you like. At least you would know it wasn't a common name!
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Welcome! I posted on another site for awhile, but after this one, who needs another one? Good luck with naming your little girl, she sounds great!
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Thanks I decided to name her Chloe. It means "a fresh young blossom". Pics coming soon!
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Just some suggestions: Opal, Chloe, Caprice, Blossom, Annabel, Ambrosia, Jitterbug, Lilac. Hope this helps.
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