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Needy behavior at night.

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When I first got Samuel, he would sit outside my bedroom door at night and yowl for awhile. Then he would lose interest and go play. I eventually got him a friend (Henri) and he was no longer lonely at night.

We have since moved to a new apartment, and everything was fine until a couple weeks ago when he decided it would be a good idea to wake me at 5am regularly. He scratches at the door, cries, grumbles. I try to ignore it but eventually I have to get up and go cuddle him a bit. Then I am allowed to go back to bed for an hour or so before he does it again. He's not hungry, both the cats are on a strict but adequate feeding schedule recommended by the vet. I don't know why he would be bored either, they have plenty of toys that I rotate out regularly for some variety.

If I could, I would let him into my bedroom, but he will keep me awake. As soon as he gets on my bed he starts rolling around with glee and wants to knead my face.

Can anyone help me figure our why he does this? and how I can calm him down? I am very tired.
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He THINKS he's hungry, and I've never yet had a cat who didn't... first thing in the morning - and they all have ways to wake us.
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My guys get me up at 5:30 am, and if I don't get out of bed after the third or so try, Fang will go pee on the rug. It took a few times for me to figure this out, now I get out of bed, we walk to the litter box together, and I watch him pee. He has had FIS issues, which have been resolved, but he has trained me to get out of bed or else!
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