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Advice required

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My fiancee and I have a Birman girl, 9 months who is displaying very worrying signs. We recently took her to the Vet and he diagnosed a minor viral infection and dispatched some antiobiotics. During his diagnosis, her temperature was taken.

Upon arriving back at our house, she began to display some discomfort in her hind quarters, and her tail appeared to seize or harden up intermittently. This caused her some discomfort and after 24 hours we returned with her to the vet. He examined her and could find nothing wrong physically and was perplexed as to the cause. We decided to adopt a wait and see approach and the next day her tail was back to normal.

Soon after, however, she began to lose co-ordination in her back legs. This started as a slightly sore movement and slowed her down, almost as if she were drunk. Back to the vet who thought it may be neurological, but said to wait & see. We have done, and over a week later, there seems to be no improvment. The rest of her behaviour is fine-she's eating well, seems alert--but now we've noticed that her front legs are beginning to show slight malco-ordination. This comes and goes-sometimes it's fine, sometimes not, but the fact that it does not appear confined to her back legs, that in some way it's spread, is very worrying.

Does anybody have any experience of similar symptoms? We have to be very careful as she is incredibly small framed and fragile and during her neutering lapsed into a coma for 48 hours which means we are reluctant to put her under anaesthetic again if we can help it.

If anyone has any advice we would be most grateful.

Many thanks
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I don't have experience with that condition, but my thoughts and best wishes are on the way.
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The few things I know to look into are blood clotting,problems with the spine, FIP, systemic bacterial infections, fungal infections, or depending on where you live and the exposure to ticks, there's lyme disease and several others. I would talk to the vet about doing a blood panel.
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