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Squeeking Kitty

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I'll keep this short! Ok...My Cat, Smoke, had my Dixie back in April (This making her six months old, so you don't have to do the math. ) and ever since she was a little kitty, she has had this deal where she 'squeeks'. I didn't think to mention it to the vet during my visits. Anyhow...She still does it and I'm just curious as to what it could be. It USUALLY only happnes when I pick her up WHILE she is in the middle of a meow...(it turns to a squeek) It's cute...but I'm worried it's serious. Anyone else had this (or heard of this) happen(ing)?

I hope I didn't confuse any one! lol.
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Ah yes, I've had that happen - Radar will miaow to be picked up, and if I pick him up mid miaow it comes out as a squeak instead. I don't think it is anything at all to worry about.

If you think about it, the act of picking them up will slightly alter the flow of air coming out of the lungs through the voice box - thus changing the miaow! If that makes sense.
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Ah yes! That does make sense! I didn't even think about that...Thanks for the reply.

I felt bad because I can't help but laugh every time she does it...I didn't want to be laughing at her if she was sick! I always look at her and say "Did you just squeek?" I have no sense what-so-ever!
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It surprised me a bit when Radar first did it!

If it were a case of 'squeaking' noises when she was exhaling at any other time I'd be thinking it was more of a wheezing type thing and yes that would be worrying and vet-worthy, but if it is definitely only in the circumstances you describe then I think it's just her miaow coming out differently as you pick her up!
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My parent's cat Scooter, a big tough boy, usually squeaked instead of meowed. That's just how he talked. My husband was floored the first time he heard the 14 lb muscle bound bad-kitty squeak!

My Lily squeaked when she was first trying to meow. She had been totally silent at the shelter but started imitating Eve's meows when we adopted them. Probably because she realized that it got our attention.
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I have 2 cat's that squeak. My tortie, Bestia, doesn't really meow, it's more of a squeak or a "squeak-meow". 10 weeks ago she had kittens, one was a dilute tortie and I just noticed recently that she does the same "squeak-meow" as her mother. It's sooooo cute! I mean, it's cute when the mama does it, but it's even cuter when the little kitten does it!
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Yeah, she doesn't do it while just sitting around...she only does it when I pick her up.

14lb Squeeking kitty...HAHA! I'd love to see that! That is too funny!

Awww! I know! I bet that is so cute, Momma cat and kitty. Dixie used to do it when she was really little...It was so cute!!! It just worried me she didn't grow out of it, but thanks to you guys I'm not worried now...and I can just continue to laugh at her since I know she's not in pain.
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My Phantom does the kitty squeak too. She does it a lot though. But she loves to be picked up so I know I am not hurting her. I think its just something some kitties do!
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I've got a squeaker, too. It's the cutest thing ever! She also meows and chirps. As a matter of fact, the only time she really meows is when she's hungry and begging for food. Other times, she squeaks or chirps.

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