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Cats knocking over fish tank

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My kittens (aged 11 and 7 months) have been knocking over my 1/2 gallon Betta tank. They have done it twice within the past week when normally they would not bother with the tank. I have seperated the fish and the cats by putting the tank in the bathroom, though I sometimes leave the bathroom door open. (this caused the second knocking over of the tank.) The betta doesn't have a good chance of living, but I'm hopeful. Any suggestions on getting the cats to stop attacking the betta?
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Not realistically. What about a larger (and heavier) tank? I hope it's covered!
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Water weighs eight pounds per gallon. So if your half gallon tank was entirely full, it would only weigh four pounds. Just going to a one gallon tank would make it eight pounds and I think that would be (never say impossible to a cat) very hard to knock off. Of course a two gallon would be sixteen pounds...
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Why not a bigger tank? I hated those little bowls. They're so hard to keep clean. When I still had male bettas I loved my 2 gallon filtered lighted tank. I used a small tube to suck out dirty water and poop from the gravel every week, which was much easier than doing a full bowl cleaning every day to keep the ammonia smell away! I even had live plants in there and both the boys that were kept in there loved them (not at the same time obviously).

I used to keep a nice 5 gallon too, but four tanks were two too many.

My kittens love watching my fish, but my current tanks are 10 gallons and 29 gallons and they don't have a chance in knocking them over.
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Unless you put the tank in between, like two bookcases. One on either side, to protect the tank.
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I am currently trying to find homes for all my fish, so buying a bigger tank is a no. I just don't have the money. I'm flat broke and soon I might have to start dishing out more money because I'm considering sueing Carmax. I'm making payments on one car, and paying insurance on two. Not to mention college costs. I have no money or time to do anything with my fish. *Sigh* I just don't know what to do with all my fish. Its easy to find homes for dogs and cats, but fish are a bit harder.
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Do you have any gladware type containers?? they are bigger than a half gallon in the bigger sized containers all you do is either drill or make holes in it for air ... they cost like 3 bucks for two or three... I have had a betta who was attacked survive with mela fix pima fix and salt
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