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Ferris is now in his carrier...

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And we are off to the vet within the next few minutes.

Yes, I tricked him by putting food in his dish, which caused him to come right to me and wind himself around my legs. Oh...the guilt...meowmy guilt...arrgghh...

I had one chance, I took it, and boy oh boy, was he unhappy about it! Grabbed him from above and beneath, deposited him in the carrier from the top, got a good hold of his scruff as he started to struggle wildly, and ZIP! He's in! And a bonus - no scratches on me!!!

Now he is glowering at me from the little window in the front, while scratching at it in an attempt to get out - poor little boy. I've closed up the sides - it's just 37 degrees here this morning, and I have to go warm up the car before I bring him outside.

Wish little Ferris luck this morning! I'll be worried about him all day, won't be able to pick him up until 5:30 this afternoon.

Off we go!
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Well you HAVE to trick him! They have better reflexes and are more determined so all we poor furless bipeds have is our brains.

Good show!
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Good luck Ferris
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Good luck little Ferris! Your meowmy is just doing what's best for you!
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I'm at work now, have to check in with the vet at 11:30 to make sure all is well, then I'm to pick him up after work. The vet said he will send him home with meds - I REALLY hope it isn't pills, because we'll be in deep doo-doo if I have to give him pills!

Ginger wasn't given any meds and she was fine after her spay, even though her incision was 4 inches long - she'd had her belly button hernia repaired at the same time.

The vet is telling me that I need to have a litter box for Ferris that has shredded newspaper in it, but how on earth am I supposed to say, OK, Ferris, this is YOUR box to pee and poo in, don't go in Ginger's box - ya right, that'll happen, NOT!

I'm going to empty both boxes and put a very thin layer of litter in them, so that there is less chance he gets it stuck on him, but I'm not risking Ginger leaving me presents around the house by getting rid of the litter and only using newspaper for a couple of days.

I think he'll be fine.

Where can I find info on neuter recovery, anyone have any info? Just want to know what to expect when I bring him hime. Ginger needed an eCollar, do boys after they are cut?
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Good luck sweet Ferris!! Meowmy didn't mean to trick you!
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None of my boys needed a e-collar. Actually all of my crew were back in action the next day. Pooh was the only one who didn't bounce back and he slept for about a week. I think he was pouting.

They didn't have stitches and they only had a very little bitty tiny section shaved. I just had to watch to make sure they didn't lick over excessively.
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