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9 year old spayed cat???

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Hi is this normal (I know I say that alot sorry)
As I got Quicksilver ready to go to the vets this morning (I manged to convince them to spay her early) I put her in the cat carrier and she started meowing, as she was unset about being in the cairrer. As I got shoe on and stuff Creep walked over to her and started puring and meowing to her. Quicksilver calmed down abit, after Creep did it.
The thing is Creep has never had a litter and she is spayed. So way is she acting like a mum to Quicksilver? Does anyone else's cats do this?
Also last night Creep desided to let Quicksilver play with her. (Which she almosts never does.)
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I think its pretty normal, and I dont think it matters that shes never had a litter. Many male cats 'mother' other cats, so it wouldnt be strange for an actual female to do the same.

I think its very sweet
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Some times when Quicksiver is a sleep Creep grooms her. Most of the time Quicksilver usally wake up just watching Creep grooming her. They then just go back to sleep.
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That's like my two...Lucky like to pretend that she's above Rambo and he is just an annoying little brother, but when he was gone overnight to the vet she was beside herself, and if he starts to cry or get upset she'll stop what she's doing and run over to him. I think it's wonderful that they like each other like yours do!
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Probably. Cats do comfort each other. I know whenever I bathed kittens or other cats, Spooky would come walking in the room and stay there while they got baths. Sorta like a "comfort", "its ok" thing. And Spooky was a neutered male.
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Our 4 yr old male cat "mothers" our 2 yr old female cat and vise versa - its cute to see. They groom each other and when the female is sleeping in a different room from the orange one, he wakes up and starts worbling and out of the room she comes running and worbling as well. They do the head-but rub thing and off they go together to the feed bowls. Its way cute.
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