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Flushable litter?

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In my adoption package, there was a pamphlet and coupon for flushable litter. What an awesome idea! (remember it's been awhile since I've had a cat)
Does anyone use this? (I believe it's arm and hammer)does it work well? How is it for a cesspool system?
Thanks so much!!

Resq and Pumpkin
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Here is a thread about flushable litter


If you do "search this forum" (upper-right hand side) for "flushable", you will find a few more
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WBCL says it is flushable also, but I almost blocked my toilet with a big urine ball so I don't flush it. Hubby would never forgive me if I clogged the toilet and he had to stop all the other chores he's trying to get done to fix the toilet.
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I use Swheat Scoop which is flushable. You have to let it soak, though (I believe the bag says at least 5 minutes, but I like to wait 10 minutes) before you flush, or else it'll block the toilet and you get a brand new pool in your bathroom. The toilet upstairs works like a charm, but I found out that the toilet downstairs has a smaller hole where the waste disappears through (know what I'm talking about?), and I quickly found out I have to increase the soaking time with that one. I had several close calls where the water rose nearly to the top (I was scraping away frantically with the scooper, trying to clear out the hole at the bottom of the toilet so some water could escape, lol).

Dumping the waste in there and then immediately trying to flush isn't a good idea. You have to give a little time for the pee balls to sort of saturate with water, so that it breaks apart. Swheat Scoop is made entirely of wheat, so I don't worry much about it clogging the toilet. I DO worry when I get lazy and try to flush too soon, lol
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Nature's Miracle's pee balls disintegrate nearly as soon as they are put in the toilet, and they have not clogged the 80 year old pipes in this apartment building for the year that I've used it. It's an outstanding brand.
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I fluch the chn feed on occation it too seem s to disinigrate rapidly
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