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Daily Thread: Friday 27th October

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Morning all!

A dull day here today - probably going to get some more rain!

I'm going back up to booktigger's house today to help with decorating - hopefully we'll be quick so I can have more snuggles with little Shadow!

Any exciting plans for the weekend? I've got to buy my car tax!

Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone!
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Hi Sarah,

Well i have a cold and tummy bug So not doing much today except the most urgent jobs such as cat trays and food. Got to be careful around Ozzy (guinea pig) as he could catch my cold from me.

Its a cold dark day but i have my pc and furry foot warmers

Nearly finished my John Grisham book as well so will be able to start the new Jilly Cooper that my mum lent me

Have a good time at booktiggers give all the kitties a hug from me
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Well, Miss Sarah is up and at it this morning

TGIF everyone! Supposed to be a rainy day here too, but none so far...

And look: a holiday for the guys or the gals that like to see them in these:

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Hi Sar.
Well I took Quicksilver to the vets to be spayed this morning, so thats means I'll be nursing her over the next week or so. I usally go to my fiancee's nans once a month, but I don't think I'll go. I would rather make sure she was ok and not nibble on her stiches :P
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I just got in, i am goign over ot the apartment because my stove is arriving, tomorrow is going to be hecktic! packing up everything! Sunday is the move :S
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Fran, good luck with the move!!!

Well good morning all!! Trout is attacking my foot as we speak She was laying on me and started biting my arm as I was typing so I pushed her onto the floor...JUST NOW she jumped up and attacked my foot from the floor!!! Ow she really startled me!

Anyway, I am going out for breakfast with my boss this morning..I think he wants to cheer me up because of my breakdown about blue pants yesterday Whatever though, I get free breakfast out of it

So, I have no plans this weekend..anyone wanna hang out?
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Good Morning! TGIF! Well its just a nasty rainy day today. i want to curl up with a good book and a bowl of soup and the kits. But I have to work. I feel much better today than I did yesterday so that is good!

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Well we are looking forward to a crazy weekend of getting things done while we have a nasty looking rain / sleet / snow storm forecast for the whole weekend.
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Good morning!

Today I have to go interview someone. My questions aren't ready yet and the paperwork needs to be translated also.

But today should be a nice day. Too cold to hang out outside much but at least we should get some sun. Too bad tomorow and Sunday will be rainy all day.
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Hi all!
i started the day with a $250 vet visit. Was not expecting it to be so muchnow hubby's going to be thrilled when he finds out. Spent $300 at the vet on Monday.
So on that note, I'll be returning the $100 sweater today! I figure if I have to ask, then I can't afford it.
Looking forward to a cold weekend and probably won't get any painting done, again.
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Morning guys!

It's really cold here. I'm already tired of the dark cold days, can I have summer back?

Finally Nakita is eating her prescription food for her allergies/IBS and she actually likes the Wysong Duck canned (meat only) food I bought last weekend. I thought we would never find a prescription food she would eat.

I start my new job on Monday so I have to go shopping this weekend for some new clothes. This will be a new work environment for me so I'll be nervous hoping I don't make too many mistakes. Hate being the new person.

Another cold, rainy/slushy weekend ahead. We'll be continuing with our renovations - creating some closet space upstairs so we can finally move all our clothes upstairs.

Have a good Friday & weekend!
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Good morning everyone!

Good luck with your move Fran!

I bet you excited about starting your new job Kass

This morning I'm piloting my desk the day is going to go by so slowly!

I have to leave work early to take Miss Sydney boo to the vet for her last vacinnes. Should be fun.

She has to go in for her spay on Tuesday...wish her luck!
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I woke up with a cold yesterday and today it's worse ... I have to read five novels for Tuesday and Thurday, study for a test, and start my art history project ... ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh day off right now .... i'm drinking my cold remedy concoction and everything seems to be coming out of wack ... *sigh* ... but Quill slept with me all night and kept me warm, and sat on my pillow watching me to see if I was all right. Dear lord I love him.
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It's rainy and gloomy...

The show set-up is tonight and the anxiety is already setting in. I want everything to go right. I hope me and the back survive. Anyway, I doubt I'll be posting much this weekend.

Hope ya all don't go nuts without me!
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Well I guess only I have the nice weather!!! Its sunny and about 50F.
DH took the day off-wrecking my "routine". I worked about 2 1/2 hrs this am at a clients business planting about 170 yellow tulip bulbs. Now I just have to plant those 110 I bought for me while buying hers.
OX has been having some BM problems and another mess on a throw rug to clean. Grrr I've washed these rugs every day this week!
Going to roast the turkey in about 45 minutes.
Went to the book sale yesterday-got 2 more puzzles and 12 books. Ran into a lady I had worked with several yrs ago too.
Have more news to post on the good news thread.
Enjoy the rest of the day!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
It's rainy and gloomy...

The show set-up is tonight and the anxiety is already setting in. I want everything to go right. I hope me and the back survive. Anyway, I doubt I'll be posting much this weekend.

Hope ya all don't go nuts without me!
How exciting!! I hope everything goes smoothly and no back pain or problems for you! Have a great time, oh Queen of the Gutter Gang!!
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