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feline distemper and death of new kitties?

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I have lost two kitties now of sudden and unknown causes that were recently adopted from the SPCA. The third Sophie is now sick. She is getting depressed and has diarrhea. She has been to the vet twice and I am waiting for results for tomorrow, the other two died within 24 hours of noticable symptoms.
I suspect feline distemper, I have been shoving fluids down Sophie with a bland prescription diet, and she's on another round of antibiotics (the previous was for the kitty flu). I'm trying to keep her hydrated until morning. I have not noticed vomiting except when I was trying to get food down her with a syringe and gagged her. I also never noticed the kitten who died Tuesday with vomiting. But the large Siamese did vomit. I'm not sure there is anything else I can do but wait for the results and hope for the best.
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That is so sad, I am sorry for your losses
Sending get well vibes to your remaining baby
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I would suggest that you disinfect everything that all three cats have been in contact with. A pain I know but worth it. A friend adopted a kitten from our local SPCA and two weeks later it was dead from feline parvo. She adopted another cat from the same shelter a week after the 1st kitten died and the 2nd kitten was also infected and died.

Please disinfect everything! I hope your remaining cat heals up soon!
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I lost Garfield's brother to distemper. With vet care, Garfield and their mother survived. The mother cat needed blood transfusions. (I am so thankful to work with a rescue that is very dedicated to caring for their animals!)

What does the shelter say. Were the cats vaccinated before adoption, and have any other cats come down with distemper? Hopefully since Sophie is on antibiotics, she will pull through.
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That's so horribly sad and I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope Sophie will be strong enough to recover. How is she doing this morning?
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Sophie has feline distemper or panleukopinia. She is on IV's at the vets for the weekend. We will see if she is able to survive. They are working very hard to save her but I know prognosis is not good. She came down ill on Thurday and today is Saturday, so we will see.
If she lives she will shed the virus for another 6 wks from what I understand and that the virus will remain stable in the environment for up to 1 year.
I suppose I will disinfect weekly if Sophie comes home. If I choose to add any other cats in the future I will have to have older ones who are completly up-to-date with vaccines as my house now carries distemper for atleast another year. Apparently distemper is very uncommon around here but there has been some recent outbreaks.
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sorry to hear of your kitties' passing. best wishes for sophie's recovery.
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What a horrible thing distemper is. I lost my very first cat to that disease because I didn't know what to do. Healing headbuts and get well licks from KittenKiya's Clan and hopefully your vet can help save the others.
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