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Please Help..What Should i Do..Will My Cat Die?

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basically to make a long sad story short, i lived with my mom in an apt and she died in the hospital, so i had to move out and my father and his wife took me in. besides my mother being dead-like that's not horrible enough, my pet cat for the past 7 years i could not take with me. my dad and his wife have a dog, a pitbull nontheless which i love also, but i love my :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: cat. i asked them many times if i could leave the cat in my room, heck, even get a huge cage to keep the cat in until i get home and i could let it free in my room-it would always be in my room etc.

well, my grandparents are nice enough to keep the cat in their big apt. i figured the cat would get used to them and like it there, that's not the case. the cat stays in the closet and never comes out-only when they're not home the cat comes out cause she don't like them so much lol.

in all honesty the cat is better off with them, cause the cat has more space to run around and live basically, with me the cat would be in one room forever all day. i spoke to my friend that works at a pet shop, she told me the cat is, and will become more depressed mainly because I'M not around, the cat loved me the most pretty much-she got really attached to me.

ps, one thing that might work out, my brother has his own basement apt and the cat likes him-of coarse not as much as myself but still she knows him-should i ask him to take the cat..? i think she's gonna be depressed though cause i'm not with her-it makes me ****ing so sad that i can't have my cat. i understand why i cannot have the cat, but it sucks. what the should i do..? also will my cat die if she's depressed..? since she was a kitten she lived with me...now she's sorta on her own. what can i do to get my cat acclimated to where she is..?
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I never heard of cat dying from depression, and she just needs some time to adjust to her new surroundings. No different than you or I, a major change in our life or lifestyle takes an adjustment period of time. When we moved to another state, it took our cats about 2 weeks before they seemed to feel comfortable and returned to their normal behavior.

I am confident that once she gets used to her new home she will be just fine.
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I'm sorry to hear about everything you've been going through. I'm sure your kitty is going through a rough time too - she's been moved to a new place with new people. It couldn't hurt to move her to your brother's place since she knows him, but I think with time she will grow to accept your grandparents as well.

How long has she been there? It took my Billy two days to come out from under my bed when I first got him. Sometimes it just takes time and patience. Can your grandparents keep the room where she is quiet, and leave her food and litterbox nearby so she doesn't have to go far? If they leave her alone and let her come out in her own time, I'm sure she'll eventually take to them quite well.

How often can you visit her? I'm sure it must be heartbreaking for you as well, not being near her. You and your family will be in my thoughts as you go through this time. Best of luck.
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well the cat has been in her new place for about a month now. belive it or not she actually comes out late at night when they sleep-lol my grandma said the cat knocked over some statue or something and it woke them up so she is quite frisky.

also the food and water are next to the closet and the litter is not far. hopefully she'll adjust, i pray so. thanks for your warm words i appreciate it.

ps the cat used to sleep in my bed every night, she would run to the door when i got home, only me lol... as for the future hopefully i'll get a good paying job and get on my own before summertime and get an apt.
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Just give her time, some cats take longer to settle in. If you think she would be happier with your brother and he is responsible to vet her and care for her forever, then maybe that would be good too. But since you already moved her to your grandparents, I would just keep her there. Visit her and everything, but let her just settle in there. You could bring her a shirt or something of yours that is dirty so she can smell it and be comforted by your scent.

Sleep in a shirt for a couple days and then take it to her. Put it in the closet or wherever she sleeps the most.

Good luck!
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I'm so very sorry you're going through this difficult time. It's so painful that you lost your Mom, and now, you've not only had to leave what you've known as home and move in with your Dad, but you've been separated from your best friend, as well.

Just as you are slowly getting used to this transition, so is your kitty. Perhaps you can look at this as a temporary situation. One day you will be out on your own and able to have your little girl back with you. This is great advice to give her items of yours so she will have your comforting scent with her. As far as her moving in with your brother, the big issue here is where she will receive the best, consistent care and the most love. You must miss her terribly.
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