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Buddy Update

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Just wanted to let ya'll know how Buddy's vet visit went. He was pretty much ok. He had some bleeding between his skin and his jaw bone. He had a huge lump there this morning. He also had alot of bleeding in his ear. He ended up having to be put under so they could clean his ear out. They did both of them since he has so much trouble with his ears. They took advantage of him being asleep. Anyways the vet was worried that his ear drum might have ruptured. But it didnt. He also has a small fracture in his jaw but its so small that he didnt need anything done to it. He does have to eat moistened food for 2 weeks. Then he goes back to be check out again. But over all he's fine.

I also took Bagheera in he's doing pretty good he's up to 7 1/2 lbs now. His heart has gotten worse but the vet said he's doing very well. She didnt think that he would make it this long. And she definatly didnt expect him to be so normal. He still eats, plays and acts normal. She is having me pump him up with tons of fattening food though. He gets to eat pretty much whatever he wants when ever he wants.

Also some news on John. The doctor said he should be able to get out of the hospital in about a week. Which is great news! He will be staying here till he can move around better. He's going to drive me crazy I'm sure. What a pair we will be the pregnant crazy lady and the bed ridden goat man.
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I am so glad to hear that things are going well for you right now. Looks like things are finally on the upswing.

Thanks for keeping us posted!!
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Glad to hear things are going better for you all.
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Yay Lots of good news that everyone is going to be okay!! Awesome
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Sounds like yesterday turned out pretty good for you! Glad to hear the animals are doing well and that John will be out of the hospital soon! I hope everything keeps looking up for you!!
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