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Jack, Jill, Star & Zoe

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Jill, you were the first newborn I found laying on the hard cold cement in the horse barn, only a few hours old, laying beside Gill-T, our two hundred pound Mastiff. A few hours there was Jack. Also laying
beside Gill-T. How sad you both looked, cold and hungery looking for mama and comfort. I warmed you up and did everything I could for you.
The next day I heard you, Star and Zoe crying for help to. You were both laying in the hay, on the the floor. Where's you mom, what's wrong? You two also came in the house to be loved and taken care of.
What went wrong? You were all doing so good the first few days. Jill you were the first to go, then Star, then Zoe. Jack you was a fighter!! You fought hard for almost three weeks. I loved all of you so much in such a short time! Even now I sometimes wake up thinking I hear all of you crying, time to be fed.....
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You have my heart, I am so sorry.
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Barb, That's so sad. Would you like to tell us what had happened to mother? and the little ones?
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Oh Barb ~ I am so sorry for your loss. You must be heart broken. Little kits without their mom are at great risk. They can fade so fast, despite your best efforts. I know that they are at the Bridge, romping and playing and waiting for YOU! You gave them kindness and warmth and love in their short time and for that you will be remembered.
for your babies.......
for YOU......
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I loved each and everyone of those babies. In the last year or so with the lost of our two dogs and a yearling colt and other newborn kittens I tell myself to stop, enough is enough. I'm ready to get rid of all the barn cats and strays, but I can't do it. There must be a reason for this. I know in my heart God won't give more than I can handle, so some where there must be a rainbow. I'm no one special,
just some one that loves all animals. What keeps me going is all the homeless and abused animals that never had a chance for life or love.
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God bless you Barb for doing something about these lonely animals.

It's good to know that for every cruel person out there, there's a kind, thoughtful animal lover.

You have our respect and affection for helping these cats.
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Barb, Is there an organization that might help you with spaying and neutering? Will the vets cooperate with discounts on care? You need help, someone who will spare you some of the responsibility and expense. Your heart must be very big to include all of these needy animals. God bless.
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My heart goes out to you Barb, and also my admiration and respect. You ARE someone very special, especially to all those animals you have helped. It is always difficult to see a life fade out, whether it has been a part of you for days, weeks, or years. But no matter how long they are with you, you know that they knew love. Like you said there are many who never have that.
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Your post was very touching. I'm so sorry you lost the little ones.
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