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Brain Tumor/Swelling

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Satey, my 14-year-old neutered indoor-only male, started having problems walking yesterday. He jumped up on the sofa at around 7PM and stayed there all night. I figured he may be experiencing arthritis or something because he is quite overweight, and I didn't really worry about him too much because he had a little bout with limping about a month ago which went away after a couple of days. This morning he was still on the sofa when I woke up and when I put him down he was walking in circles and had a drunken gait. I figured I should get him to a vet to see if possibly he had a fracture or if there was anything that could be done for pain so I got him an appointment for this very morning. When I got him in to see the doctor, she checked him over and took a history (to rule out infectious diseases and diabetes) then she put him on the ground to watch him walk. She then did this test on his paws, turning them funny and seeing if he would right them and he only did this with one. She then put her finger to his eyes and got no flinching. She became extremely concerned at this point and carried on with touching the hairs in his ears (again, only got a reaction in one). She checked his pupillary reaction to light and I could see for myself that he had none. I asked if he had possibly suffered a stroke and she said she thought he had a brain tumor that was causing swelling that was causing the symptoms. I was given three choices: 1) have her refer me to a neurologist to have a CT-scan and/or an MRI done to confirm the existence of a tumor; 2) let her take a full blood panel to see if there is something in his body causing the swelling or if the tumor has caused any organ failure and then place him on corticosteroids to alleviate the swelling and therefore the symptoms, or1) have him put down. I opted for #2 and am waiting on the results of the lab tests.

So I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with dealing with brain tumors in cats. Of course, without the sophisticated imaging tests we can't know for sure that he has a tumor, but I've been reading up on the web about them and it looks to me like this is what's going on with Satey. The sites I've found helpful are:
Skribbles' story
The Meningioma
NC State University site on brain tumors in dogs and cats

I am currently a student, so money's tight, but I graduate in January and hopefully will have a well-paying job shortly after that so if I could buy him a little time with the steroids and maybe the diagnostics and surgery could be an option in the future.

Anyhow if anyone has any stories of their own, even if your cat his just had to take steriods for some other ailment and you can tell me more about side effects and such, I'd appreciate hearing them and of course I could use lots of support in this difficult time
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I have no experience with this I'm sorry but I just wanted to tell you I will be praying for you and your sweet boy. Please keep us updated on his condition. I'm sure someone with experience will post on here soon for you.
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Sending lots of good thoughts to Satey and you... Sorry I can't be of help.
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I don't have any advice to offer either...I am so sorry. I just wanted to send you and your boy good }}}VIBES{{{ Please keep us posted. You two will be in my prayers....
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Healing headbuts and get better soon licks from KittenKiya's Clan. I have not had to deal with this either.

Please keep us informed, as it will help us to better take care of our babies too.
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