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New kitten anxiety

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Hi all,
I think I just need to get some thoughts out of my head, and perhaps some reassurance.
As some of you may know, my sister and I rescued a litter of 5 black and white beautiful week old kittens. It's been a few weeks now, and they're growing like weeds. The time for us to hand them over to the SPCA is comming closer and closer and it's a bitter sweet experience, since you're tired and frusterated half the time, but know you'll miss them as soon as they're gone.
I currently have a 2 year old, very social cat named Chester. He and I will be moving in January to start school and our adult lives together. Problem is that Chester is so social that I know he'll be pretty darn upset if I'm gone long hours and he's alone. Also, he's grown up in a house with other cats and loves loves loves to play and be with them. I'm concerned that Chester will develop behavioural problems and become depressed if he's alone. Leaving him behind is not an option. I've also found an appartment that accepts animals.
So, a number of months ago, I decided that I was going to get him a little sister or brother when the time came so as to add to our loving household. The innital idea was to move first, but then these little guys came into our lives. One of them in particular is sooo sweet and cuddily and wonderful that I have decided to keep her. I figure that it only makes sense to keep one of the kittens, rather than add to the shelters (especially since ours just burnt down so the closest shelters are feeling much stress). I can afford to keep her and get her shots and fixed and all of that important stuff.
I don't know why exactly, but I'm feeling anxiety over the kitten. It could be that I'm just really really tired (which I am), feeling stretched too thin with the kittens (which I am), or am just over worrying it (which I tend to do). Further still, my dad doesn't understand the connection you get when you bottle feed kittens and is thinking of the practical side of not wanting to move 2 cats. When I hold her it's so wonderful and I really think that we could make each others lives better, but what's with the stress?
Thanks for listening, I'm already starting to feel better.
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Well Jess, I think we all have stress in our lives..........when we first got Trixie a little over 5 years ago, the day we brought her home I had to wonder what was I thinking??? I knew nothing about kitties then. She ran and pooped behind the couch, then hid behind the fridge for 2 days! My poor baby......I'd wondered if I had made a mistake, not knowing too much about raising a kitten...I've learned so much from real life experience and here on TCS about kitties, and I truly believe that most are happier with a playmate, especially if we're gone all day. Do what your heart tells you is best, but I think in the end, you'll be glad you did.
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I think once the other kittens have left to go to homes and shelters and I just have the one cuddle bug to worry about, it will all seem so much more manageable. In my nervousness and confusion I do trust my friends and family, all of whom (except for dad) think I should keep her without a doubt. She thinks I should keep her too which is so important.
*laughs* once again I go looking for a siamese and come out with a tuxedo cat. I think the Gods are really digging this lesson in! Next thing you know, I'm going to be a tuxedo snob!
thanks again *hugs*
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Glad I could help Jess.........I have two tuxies, and they are 2 of the 4 loves of my life! Can you post pics?
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Of course I do! Please excuse my lack of use of "fur pictures", but I thought this corresponded to the topic enough to warrent it, just this one time.

So, first is the kitten in question, Bear...who may have a name switch to Dynah but I'm flip flopping and may err towards her first name which was Bear. She loves to sleep on me.

Second is a lovely picture of Chester, which really shows his eyes.

And the most rare and important picture! Bear was sleeping on my arm and for the second time in the 2 years that Chester and I have been together, he willingly walked over and slept on my lap for almost 10 minutes! Not only is he on my lap (hence the look on my face) but also he's cuddling with me AND Bear

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Me personally I would keep the kitten. That way he has someone to play with when you are at school. And you have extra loving. Because living alone can get pretty lonely.
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Of course keep the kitty...everything will be fine. Plus your current cat will be happier with a playmate.
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I've been fostering for several years. Sometimes one kitten just really sticks out as so special. Some of the cats I wished I had kept, or been able to keep....Sugartoes...Dylan....Blue....Rosie...Robin...Inchy. I'm not saying you should keep the kitten...just keep thinking about it, as you have time.

But if you let her go, you will always know that your let a wonderful, special kitty go. You may be able to keep in touch with the new family, but if that kitten is "yours", and you have the room and need another kitty...seriously consider keeping her!
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Good luck with whatever you choose, both your kitties are adorable
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