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Hi I am new to the forums but have a question

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Hi Polly here and I have just registered a few mins ago, have been having a look around the site and I like what I see, I just love cats. Up until yesterday we had 2 cats, one who was female, was black and white and was 16 years old, she had also been blind for year. Yesterday she suffered a heart attack and sadly died on the way to the vets (she was in pain so we were taking to the Vets to have her put to sleep to stop her suffering)but she died just as we got to the surgery, she was a very much loved pet and I hated to see her suffering as she clearly did not understand what was happening to her. She now has pride of place in our back garden and our youngest daughter (aged 10)had my hubby make a cross for her with her name on. The problem I have now is that our other cat, a big black fluffy male called Rocky now appears to be moping around the house and is clearly missing Woody. He is 6 years old and although he and Woody were never what you would call "bosom buddies", they never played together but although they used to "play fight" with each other, well Rocky used to pounce and Woody would run away unless caught they would quite happily share the couch, mat in front of fire, our bed etc with no fisticuffs. For the past year though since Woody became blind Rocky has been treating her with respect and the play fighting stopped, he was still the dominant cat who fed first etc. He appears to be totally at a loss now though and sits in the kitchen looking at the door or just staring at the food bowl, he is eating but is looking for Woody before he eats. Will he be ok or do we need to find him a playmate for him to boss around again to keep him happy or will he adjust to being a lone cat.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Just like humans, cat grieve for their friends. It would help if you have something that Woody perhaps slept on that still contains scent that Rocky can have till the scent goes away. Just comfort your kitty and let him comfort you and both of you can work through this. When you are ready, add another kitty to the mix and in time Rocky will come around to his old self. I am so sorry for your loss, I know how much it hurts.
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Welcome to the cat site. Sorry you had to find it under such trying circumstances.

My heart goes out to you about Woody. She was obviously a big part of your life.

Hissy is right. Rocky is just missing his buddy and it will get better. You'll need to give him extra love, attention and reassurance. Maybe once he's feeling better consider getting him another companion. Dependent on his age (if he's a little older), a kitten might not be the best idea, maybe a rescue cat?

Your local Cats Protection are bound to have a selection (quick plug here - as I do voluntary work for my local CP).

Let us know how Rocky is progressing, and join in with the chit-chat once you feel up to it.
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Same thing happened to my mother-in-law (to be).

She had two cats (7 yrs old each) - Ascot & Tuxedo

Ascot got out.... and we think the coyotes got him
We only found a tuft of fur - nothing else - we searched for two weeks.

Tuxedo just mopes and lays around...

I brought over our new kitten and Tuxedo
just ignores her.... I keep bringing the kitten over
hoping Tuxedo will warm up to her.....:tounge2:

He just misses his buddy!

He need time to heal

We are slowly taking away Ascot's toys/food/bed.
We don't want to take them all away at once with
the fear that Tuxedo may get worst!

Good Luck!:flower:

Everything just takes time!
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Thanks for all your help, I will give Rocky time and he is getting loads of extra cuddles etc from us all which he is absolutely lapping up. I am just glad that this did not happen in 3 weeks time as we are going away for 2 weeks to Orlando in Florida, we have a friend, Rachel who is house-sitting, the idea being that she is here to mind the house and our then 2 cats, if Woody had gone when we were on holiday I would have never forgiven myself. Hopefully by the time we go Rocky will be ok, he is a very friendly cat and Rachel house/cat sat for us last year when we went to Alcudia in Majorca so he does know her. Will think about getting a new "buddy" for Rocky when we get back and we had more or less decided that a kitten may not be a good idea as Rocky is an older cat and that a cat from one of the rescue places on the IOM maybe a better idea.

I will let you know how Rocky is and will visit the other rooms for a chat with you all some time later.
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Polly, First, welcome; I'm glad you found us. You've already got some great advice. It would be so nice if you could give an adult cat a home. Most people insist on kittens, so it would be special for you to adopt a grown cat. I'm so sorry about your loss. It will take Rocky a while to adjust. Hopefully, when you get another cat, they will become good friends.
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