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Terrible fire here, 4 fire fighters already died

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We have a terrible fire here in So California I am about 50 miles from it, 4 firemen have died 1 is very critical, it started about 1 am last night and quickly burned 400 acres as of about an hour ago it is up to 10,000,. There are about 400 people stuck in a campground that can't get out, they are saying they should be ok, I have never seen flames that look like tornados as bad as this. Some one set it I can not beleive people will do that they are offering 100,000 reward, They said they don't think there has ever been a fire there. One guy I saw this moring was crying because he said the neighbors weren't home and they couldn't get the animals out, I think there were dogs and cats and horses..How terribly sad for these poor peole, I hope they can get some kind of control but they expect it to get much larger. Don't know if anyone here is close it is in Eastern Riverside County I think close to Banning, please send some prayers for the poor fire fighters familys, and prayers that they can get it under control.. Thanks
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What is even worse is that they are saying it is arson. Prayers for those in trouble.
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Yes they did say that, they are offering a $100,000 reward
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Oh no, how awful. I am sending many prayers to the families involved and to all the families who lost their firemen husbands, fathers and brothers.

How horrible.
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How sad for everyone involved. Sending out prayers for everyone .....
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Yes, I've been reading about that on one of the news sites. Wildfires are a problem in Southern California this time of year due to the dry conditions. It's horrible that someone would deliberately set a fire under those conditions. I hope they catch the person who set the fire and put him in jail for a very long time. I can't imagine how the residents in the RV park must feel even though they have been told to stay there. I'd be terrified watching a fire so close. So prayers and good thoughts to the firefighters the residents, the families and the animals involved.
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Prayers sent to my southern neighbors.
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Oh wow now at 11.00 pm its up to 24,000 acres and only 5% contained
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Many thoughts and vibes to those affected by the fire. I couldn't imagine having to deal with something like that!
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How terrible!!!! People who set fires are sick, sick, sick!! I can't imagine why someone would do something like that... to destroy trees, wild live, property and people's lives
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It was national news first thing this morning - they are claiming it is arson and murder, now, with the poor firefighters that have died.

I'm keeping them and their families in my thoughts, along with all the other brave men and women out there battling this fire, and I pray that no one else is killed.

Halfpint, I am keeping my fingers crossed that you stay downwind!!!
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Prayers to all the people affected, and for all the animals too.
I hope they catch the guy who set this, and charge him with murder no matter how young he turns out to be.
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...oh no...
My prayers for their familys in this hard times...
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It doesn't look good for today again the winds are pretty bad and even worse inside that fire, alot of road clousers, My sis-in-law lives a god bit closer then I do around 25 miles from it she said they have ash in there pool and the air is terrible there. It's still only at 5% containment, Looking at it this morning on Tv it looks like it would be impossible to get control, I think they said they have some 2,000 fire fighters there, plus alot of air support, but that air support id having a hard time because of the winds and smoke..
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That's so horrible.. prayers for the families involved! Please keep us updated.
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Lois, I've been hearing and reading about a wife of a firefighter, it makes me sick to think someone deliberatly started this fire!! Stay safe and many good thought going out to the other people affected by this sensless tragic situation.
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Here's pictures from BBC.

It makes me so damn sick and enraged that somebody would deliberately start a fire, especially at the worst time for fires. Here's to catching the madman behind this..
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This is a horrible fire. It's pretty sad that this fire has my name. It's the Esperanza Fire. Esperanza means Hope in Spanish.
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I live in North San Diego County...
The air is filled with smoke & soot.
Please be careful if you live anywhere near that fire...
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I send what KittyLover said. As the wife, daughter, and granddaughter of firefighters that just makes me sick. God bless the families of those who have lost their lives and those who are left wondering about their loved ones. What a horrible tragedy. It is so horrible to think about the people and animals losing their lives.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)
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Just saw on the 11:00 pm news the fire is up to 42,000 acres , and the wind may die down some tomorrow, still only 5% Contained, They have upped the reward to $500,000 , I beleive they will find the person or persons at least I hope they do..
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How horrible! My prayers are going out to those brave firefighters who perished and their families, and to everyone affected by this horrendous disaster! I hope they manage to control it, and that you get RAIN!!!!! And that they catch whoever did it and charge them with murder!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Oh no, how awful. I am sending many prayers to the families involved and to all the families who lost their firemen husbands, fathers and brothers.

How horrible.

prayers to the families who lost their firemen wivies, mothers, daughters, sisters Firemen husbands, Fathers, Brothers, sons.

Prayers to keep all firemen safe
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