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How to stop kitten from misbehaving

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Hi, I read the sticky about how never to discipline your cat for acting out and to find issues for why they're acting out like medical issues or something you've changed but that doesn't help me because my issues are more like natural behaviors I'm trying to divert. My kitten isn't acting out, he's just being himself (himself being very sweet and adorable and cuddly about 70% of the time and 30% of the time so michevious I want to tear my hair out). For instance, he is just HORRIBLE about sneaking out the door. I'm doing everything I can to sneak out the door, but he's unbelievably agile and fast. So at first I punished by grabbing the scruff. Quickly realized that all it did was make me mad and him upset and didn't change the behavior at all. so then I tried luring him in with treats after he leaves. The first two times it worked. Now he's over it. Everything I read says don't discipline, the sticky said not to even use a spray bottle, but no one provides an alternative. I guess I could forever sneak out my door for the next 20 years, but I'd much rather he not dart out so that if I or a guest is careless once, I won't lose my kitten. There are other things (like going in the kitchen sink - i have very small counters so i can't block it off or put stuff on there to scare him) he does but this is the most annoying one and the one he doesn't respond to a loud no to. Thanks for suggestions! by the way, he loves being locked him the bathroom for 10 minutes as a punishment - and i feel bad for locking him in there longer than that...should I?
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Hi and welcome. Firstly he isn't misbehaving - he's just being a kitten. When he goes on the counters remove him and loudly say no. It will take a multiple number of times before he gets the hint. He'll probably stay off them after a while (at least when you are home - who knows when you aren't there ). As for trying to get out the door, I hope someone else can help you there. Bijou is the same - he wants to go out whenever anyone goes out. The only lucky thing is that if someone is coming in, Bijou tends to be a bit shy and will go away until he's sure they are someone trustworthy.

He will mature and you'll miss all this lovely kitten behaviour.
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well, I'm no expert, but when Mica used to do that, I'd shake my keys, she hated the noise and would run back in. I have no problems now
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Take one empty drink can. Put a few stones or coins in it. Leave it by the door. When you are indoors about to go out, rattle the can as you are about to open the door. This is not at all harmful to the cat, but most do not like the noise this makes, and will learn to stay away from the door while you are opening it.
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