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Does anyone else's kitty do this?

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My mothers cat, Simba, is SUCH a love bug, but when he is loving on ya, he slobbers!(drools) I just wondered if anyone else's cat does this?? None of my cats do it, and have never seen any cat do it-but he sure does.
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I call it snob wiping Both Quicksilver and Creep do it to me. I think the only reason Quicksilver does it, is because she saw Creep doing it and probably felt like joining in.
Whenever I stroke Creep she ends up wiping her snot and drool, all over my hand and if I try to stop her snob wiping then she grabs my hand as does it for longer. If you sit down then Quicksilver will just walk onto chest and snob wipe your face. (Which she has just done now :p) You usually see me trying to put her of me. But she does it until my face is wet.
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My Gypsy drools when she's very happy and content. She particularly likes it when I hold her an I'm wearing either polar fleece or a chenille sweater, and she kneeds my arm while drooling.
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I have 2 or 3 that do it also, plus Ziggy pinches me on the elbow, she will bite and hang on just enough to feel it, she used to bite my face and chin also. Love bites Or Dunkin will not bite anymore I used to just grab his whiskers not pull them and tell him no biteing and he stopped doing it, but he like to scrape his teeth on my feet I think that's pay back
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Yep. Both kitties slobber when totally into their snug session.
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Pushkin is a big drooler. He always slobbers away when happy. Then when the drool gets too much, he stands up and shakes his head so it goes flying everywhere! Nice. I think he's a dog trapped in a cat's body.
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Amongst his many nicknames, Radar is sometimes called 'dribblecat'. He only does it when he's being cuddled and having a good purr, it's like when he's purring he forgets to swallow. I wipe kitten dribble off myself and him when it is cuddle time.
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My Puddems is a huge drooler. When it gets too much he shakes it everywhere. Only when he is getting cuddles tho. Kink also drools when she is snuggling and sleeping .
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