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Actually Jeanie, Debby is behind the east coast in time, by one hour. She is in Iowa, so its around 8 am there.

Debby, are you out there still or are you PUSHING yet????????????????????????????????????
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Gosh, I'm all nervous too. Jeanie, I'll join you in pacing the halls until we hear back from Debby. OK, I haven't had any babies, but that sure sounded like labor to me!

We're all holding you hand, Debby, if you are in labor. It's too bad they don't let you have a laptop with an internet connection in the hospital. It would at least be a good distraction...
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C'mon Debby!!!!!!!!!! Check in!!

Or if you are in labor, BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby - hope little Amber decided not to make you wait all day and is on her way or here! Sending thoughts and prayers your way that everything goes smoothly (and hopefully easily!) for you and Amber. :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Does anyone have the hospital info?
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All right!! Come on, Debby, have her today! Woohoo!

Oh, I'm so excited! (Even if it's not today... it'll be soon!!!)
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Well, It's probably about 2:30, so if Debby's not in labor, she will be soon! We should try to lure her in with a "Big Brother" post. If she doesn't check that out, she might be at the hospital already. Prayers for Amber and Mommy!
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You are in our thought Debby and Amber. I wonder if Debby has had her yet, if she went into labor last night???
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I wonder if Amber has made her presence yet! No posts from her today! Debby, we cant wait to hear the news!
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Go, Debby, go!!!!

By the time you read this, you'll be a fulltime mommy! Best of wishes on this, your labor day, and always!
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DEBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I hope it all went/is going well!!!!! I'm so excited I can't even rememeber when it was that you were being induced!!?!? Check in when you can love!!!!
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Debby, hope deliver is/went going well. Lets see, they induced you last night at 5, so you are probably already a mommy or about to be by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay!!!!!! Lets throw her a party even though we aren't 100% sure yet if Amber is here!!

:angel2: :LOL: :blubturq: :baloon: :bubbly:
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WooooooooHooooooo!!!!!! Way to go Debby!!!!
:teddy: :teddy:
...Can't forget these
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WEEEEHHHHEEEEEEY DEBBY!!!!!!!! :eye&mouth :pinky: :blubturq: :girly1: :bubbly: :teddy: :blubturq:
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Hopefully.....HAPPY "BIRTH" DAY!!!!!!

Party time!
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WE WANT AMBER - WE WANT AMBER!!!!!!! YEAH AMBER!!!! http://www.mysmilies.com/?cat=kaos&page=2
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Its 1:15 pm where I am. I don't know what time it is where Debby is. Has anyone one heard ANYTHING????? Hang in there Debby; I've been breathing with you!!!
Blessed be to you and Amber.
:angel4: :teddy:

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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Yes, Dee! There's a thread called "Debby is a Mommy" in the CatLounge. Add your thoughts to ours. Isn't it wonderful??
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