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News about the baby (Amber)

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Went to the Dr. yesterday in Des Moines. He said I was dialated just slightly...but not much. He wanted me to come back in tonight to induce labor, but then he called the labor/delivery ward, and they said they were just too full to take me today or tomorrow. I don't know what the heck they would have done if I would have gone into labor on my own...they would have to make room for me then!!!

So anyway, he said the next available time is Thursday at 5:00 pm. (central). So that is when they will induce me! He said I will more than likely be in labor all night Thursday night, and then have her sometime on Friday.....Jeanie....you will get your wish!! Looks like she will be born on your anniversary after all!!

I don't know why they are starting me at 5pm...I won't get any sleep at all Thursday night, I would rather have gone in the morning!! But I am not arguing!! At least the end is near!!!

Please remember me Thursday evening and send up good thoughts and prayers that everything will go smoothly, and I won't be in anymore pain than I absolutely have to!!

I am real scared right now...but I realize women do this everyday, and I am just being a weenie. I think it is the fear of the unknown more than anything, since this is my first (and last) time.

I will take pictures, but it will be a little while, a week or so,at least, before I can get them developed, and then post them here. Dang I wish I had a digital camera!

Just thought I'd let you all know...unless by some miracle I go into labor on my own between now and then, that is when it will be!!!
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Good luck to you Debby! I'm sure you will do fine w/ the induction. Just try to relax between now and then and save some energy up!! You will be in our thoughts and prayers for a safe, fast, and healthy delivery! You can do it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah! I'm glad you have the date and time now. I don't think you are being a weenie at all by being scared. All we ever hear are the horror stories, followed by the "but it was worth it all when I saw her face." I'm sure, no matter how bad it gets, you will feel exactly the same way when you look at Amber for the first time.

Happy and Healthy Baby thoughts coming to you and Amber. May the pain be dull, and the rewards great.
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One thing you need to remember Debbie is WOMEN ROCK! You will be fine. I am praying that all goes smoothly for you and Amber. Hugs!
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Thanks guys!!!

And I know what you mean, Heidi, I always hear "You forget all about the pain when you see your baby" and that is great...but...I don't think that is going to help me much when I am actually going through the pain!!
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Good Luck Mommy!!!

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Debby, you can borrow my digital camera if you want to. I am living in Urbandale now, and I work at American TV. Maybe you could stop by there Thursday and pick it up since I am working all day.
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Fireshoes!! That is absolutley the sweetest offer!! THANKS!!
But..I have no idea where American TV is, and even if I did..I know my hubby would not want to go there, he hates driving in Des Moines if he doesn't know exactly where he is going, and he has to work till 2:00, so he just has enough time to get home and clean up before we have to leave to go!! (we will have to leave at 3:15, to get there in plenty of time) so we wouldn't really have time to get it...plus I would worry the whole time that something would happen to it, and about when/how I was going to get it back to you!

But THANKS!! That is a sweet offer!!

Hey, maybe if you have nothing else to do you can swing over to the hospital and see me!! You would have to tell me you are fireshoes or I would have no clue.

Oh...I guess you don't know my last name, so that would be kinda hard. You could always look in all the rooms for someone who looks like me...LOL!! Just kidding!!!

Or you ask to see the lady who was screaming the loudest...LOL

The babies name is Amber Danielle, so that would be easy to spot...there shouldn't be too many Amber Danielle's!!

I will be booked into the hospital under my married name...I always go by my maiden name on the internet, because I like it alot better, and I get mail delivered to both names anyway. But I suppose that could get confusing if someone from here was trying to get ahold of me at the hopsital.
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That is great news! I'm sure you will be just fine!
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Debby, prayers and positive energy for a safe and healthy delivery are coming your way!!!! Just think, only a couple more days and you'll be able to hold and cuddle your brand new daughter!!!!!!!!!

...And a couple of days after that you'll be bringing Amber home!!!!!! (How Exciting)
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Does anybody know how long they usually keep people in the hospital after delivery (depending on if it is c-section or regular, of course)

I mean, if I go in Thursday night and have her on Friday sometime, would they send me home Saturday or wait till Sunday??? (if it is not c-section)

I am trying to figure out because I am having a friend stop and feed/water my animals Friday morning and evening...and Saturday morning...but didn't know about Saturday night, but hubby will probably come home by then anyway...so it should be okay. He may even come home Friday night, I don't know.
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Debby, not that I have kids, but from friends that have I know the turn-around time is really short. I think it mostly depends on your insurance. With normal delivery, no complications to mom or baby, I've heard as short as a day after (granted it is all heresay). With a C-section, I think my friend was only there for 3 days. It's really quick, but it depends on so many things it's hard to say for sure.
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Here in the Boston area is as follows:

Vaginal delivery, no complications requires a 48 hour stay.

C-section, no complications requires 96 hour stay.

It will vary, especially if the baby or you has any medical issues, but if you deliver on Friday sometime, I doubt you'd go home before Sunday whether its vaginal or section.
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Thanks guys!!! That helps ALOT!! I just worry about my babies here at home being taken care of!
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Lol, as fun as visiting you in the hospital would be (if I could find you!), I have to work pretty much all day Thursday-Saturday, and then I go to a concert on Sunday. Bummer that you can't stop by the store. I guess regular pics will have to do.
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Thank you!!!!
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WOW! Is it "That Time" already?

I'll be thinking of you Thursday and Friday!!!!

Is it appropriate to say, "Break A Leg" ?
Of course, I wish you a safe and speedy delivery...it's easy for me to say, "Don't be afraid"—so, I won't go there. <grin> GO FOR THE EPIDERAL!

I like to refer to the emotions before delivery as Ultimate Excitement with a twist of happiness....It's so cool to think that in a hours, you will be bringing a tiny person into this world. Hurry Up!

Heck! I'm excited and nervous for you! Can't wait to see the pictures. You'll have to incorporate some of the discussions you have had in here during your pregnancy in Amber's baby book..when she's old, she will probably find it very entertaining.

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Debby You are going to have the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world! The labor part is not fun and to tell you different would be a big old fat lie - but I will tell you that the moment you gaze upon Amber's little face, your heart will melt.

I pray that God blesses you and delivers Amber safely into your loving
arms ~ she is already in your heart!

OH....and DRUGS RULE!!!!
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I plan on asking for drugs the minute I set foot in the hospital!! :LOL: :laughing:
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Hey Deb - I was thinking and maybe they have you be in labor during the night so that when Amber is actually born during the day, there are more staff on to be there if you need them?
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That could be. I don't know, though..because my friend had her baby up there last december, and they induced her in the morning.
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I was just thinking about you when I saw this thread. I was thinking, "Just because Labor Day is in September doesn't mean that she has to keep waiting!"

Good luck with everything, and tell hubby that you want some 1 hour photo developing! Don't worry about having been up all day. If you get good meds, you'll be tired enough to nap through part of the labor. Can't wait to see this baby!
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Debbie, you'll be in my thoughts on Friday night (and until we hear from you that all is well). It's perfectly natural to be nervous the first time. This a whole new experience for you (and a wonderful one, you'll see). When I was pregnant the first time, I asked my doctor (who was a man), "Does it hurt much?" He said, "Well, I wouldn't know, but I see a whole lot of repeaters so it mustn't be too awful!" And he was right. You will have so much positive energy coming your way from all of us, you will do great. Will your husband be in the delivery room with you?
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Just got home from work and saw this thread. Good luck, Debby.
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Debby, this is sooo exciting! I can't wait until you post the pictures of Amber.

My friend was induced last tuesday. She had her baby boy 2 hours later and went home the next morning. All I can say is that I wish you the exact same delivery. How much better can it get than that? She even came to the office and had lunch with us 2 days after having delivered him.
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I hope it goes smoothly for you, and you are holding your daughter soon after beginning labor. I will be thinking of you, too. Good luck!
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Originally posted by spacecat
Will your husband be in the delivery room with you?
At this point, he could be on Mars for all I care. I'm so mad at him after the big fight we had tonight. He was being such a jerk (and that is putting it very nicely)

Ghys....WOW!!! She had her baby 2 hours after being induced??? I wish I would be that lucky!!!
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Debby, this is so exciting!

I had a c-section so I can't tell you much about the pain - never had a contraction... I'm thinking about you all the time and I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

I'm sorry you had such a fight with hubby though. What's so bad he has to fight about with a woman just about to deliver? He should be pampering you right now and be on his best behavior! And you can tell him I said so
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I just read that you had a fight with your husband Sorry to hear about that when you are days away from having your first baby. Like Anne said, I can't even imagine why he would pick a fight Did he say sorry to you yet?
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Debby - I'm wishing you every good luck, and am so jealous it's not me (but that's another story).

My neighbour had a baby in Feb, and she had a 32 hour labour. Ouch.

I think your old man is a real pig (sorry - I had to say it how I felt it) to be giving you a hard time now. You're so stressed and frightened and worried that he should be doing all he can to reassure you. He's got kids from a previous marriage, right? He should be using his experience (if he was there of course - not all men are) to help you.

All the best (not sure of time zones etc, so I hope these wishes aren't too late!!!)
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