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The claws come out at night

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First post. Serious question. I looked in the Cat Behavior FAQ's to look for this particular behavior but might have missed it.

So I just adopted my two babies 2 weeks ago. My girl Siamese is 2 months old and my boy DSH is 3 months old. Of course my girl is still a little scared and won't allow me to get too near. My boy has been the opposite. He's very friendly, often gives me kisses, etc.

The problem started earlier this week. They used to cuddle up with me when I lied down to go to sleep. But now my boy will come up next to my face and start sticking his nose in my face, and giving my kisses, while he digs his claws into my face. My lips, my beard, my eyelids, etc. He just starts kneeding my skin and of course it keeps me up or wakes me up at 3am. I can't figure out what he wants but I can't get him to stop.

Any ideas?

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He loves you. Seriously, Bijou has to knead my face and neck and have a suckle on my neck every night before he settles down to sleep. After the suckle he usually tries to lick my nose, chin and especially my eyelids (sort of like rubbing your eyelids with sandpaper). We clip his claws about once every 2 weeks - otherwise my neck and face would look like I'd been in a fight with something.

Maybe try re-directing him, i.e., pick him up and put him in the crook of your arm or place him somewhere else close to you instead of around your face. He'll learn - it may take a few tries so be patient.
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Radar is forever 'mixing puddings' on me. He used to do it on my face and still does occasionally, but I found that moving his paws onto my arm or a clothed part of my body worked well.

Also it is really noticeable what a difference clipping his claws makes! I know it is time for his next manicure when his kneading feels more like acupuncture than it ought to. If your cats are young they adjust to having their claws trimmed fairly well.
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Well now I know that he's just trying to tell me he loves me.

Thanks for the info!
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