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Nice kitten story

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I took my guinea pigs to the vet yesterday because they are having some skin problems, and I walk in to the lobby and one of the receptionists has an adorable black & white female kitten that is 6 wks old in her arms! I comment on how cute the kitten is and she says "Do you need a kitten??" I say "No, I don't have any room for a kitten right now, unfortunately."

Some other woman comes over to the desk and starts talking to them about the kitten. They let her hold the kitten and the woman is cooing at her and everything. The receptionist starts telling this story: the kitten came to them wounded, she had been bitten in the back end by a dog or something and had no use of her legs! They've had the kitten for a couple weeks now and with intensive care she can walk again . Last week she couldn't walk at all! The kitten kinda drags one leg around a little bit, but she should improve as she grows. The vet office was going to turn the kitten over to a rescue group, but this woman might take her.

I just thought I'd share this nice little story. Why are people always trying to give me more pets?
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yea! i hope the kind lady winds up adopting the little kitten
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Aw, little fighter kitty, thats a great story....um, are you sure you don't want the little baby?
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I'm such a sucker for baby kitties that even though I have my hands full with 2, I'd probably have brought her home!
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Aww, maybe they see you're a nice person, that's why they want you to take more animals!

When I was a the vet this Monday, a guy before me had a tiny tiny kitten in his arms. It was found abandoned and they took it in. The vet estimated it at about 4 weeks old. He said he didn't think it was going to make it, but now only a week later he's thriving.
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