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weeping eye

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hi, my seven year old cat has got a squinty eye and it is slightly watery. does anyone know what it could be. we thought it might of been where she has poked it on a twig or something but she has had it a few days. it is also very hard to get her to the vets so we only want to take her and put her through the stress and trauma if it is absolutely neccessary. can anyone please confirm that it cant be anything more serious. thanks
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Sorry, but your cat needs to see the vet. What you are describing could be an eye infection of some kind. If so, left untreated, your cat could face some serious problems with its eye.
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It could be anything, so a trip to the vet is in order.

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Even if it's something very simple to treat like conjunctivitis, it still requires diagnosis and treatment from a vet. If left untreated, even what starts out as a small eye infection could lead to loss of sight, or loss of the eye itself and infection in the bone of the eye socket, which is very serious indeed. It could also be a symptom of something else such as a respiratory infection. Only your vet will be able to tell you!
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Is it still weeping? Have you tried to clean it with Opticlear or something like for cats?

If it is, we need to call the vet.
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