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What Breed & Color?

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When i'm so curious of what breed and color Charisma is? She was a lot differnt when i first got her in July now she's getting older and i'm getting worried. We have strays around here which is her mom and dad and i encountered the father and he's not a nice kitty! He was very aggressive and she's getting older and i dont want him attacking her i heard 2 cats fighting when i was out with the horses and they were near the barn. I was thinking it was the 2 i think are her parents but i don't know if there was more kittens or something. I just haven't found them? Maybe get Troy's friend to lay traps for us to catch them? I know the male would not be able to find a home because he tried attacking me and i just don't think he would change since he looked about 3 or so in age?

The 2 coming around is a black/greyish short haired cat then the father looks like a long haired tabby? But she feels like silk and is like a blue/tabby/white color? Plus she is growing long hair your thinking its getting cold in Ohio and she is just getting her winter fur. But she was fluffy and stuff in the summer to? Is she a type of long hair i'm going to post pictures you won't even realize its the same Charisma lol.

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dliute calico dsh, IMO. she's a pretty girl, too!
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Thank You . I'm going to look up colors so come on people suggest . I looked up the Dilute Calico and they look as the same color but the face just doesn't seem to look a like? Unless maybe it's because she's only 5 months?
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as for color, she is definately a dilute Calico . . .
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Yeah i agree i'm clueless on the breed though? She doesn't look like any long haired because her face is a lot differnt? Maybe it's because she's a mix and she got a more squared face?
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Your pretty girl is not a breed cat. She's a domestic shorthair. She's a mix as you mentioned, so there is no way to establish if she has breed cats in her lineage.

I would encourage you to treat her for ear mites. I can see from the pictures that's she's more than likely infected with them. She also looks to possible have a URI. Can you take her to a Vet?
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With one parent being a tabby and it looks like she has tabby in BOTH the cream and the blue, she's a Blue Patched Tabby with White.

A dilute calico would be mainly white with patches of solid blue and cream.

She looks more like the thicker/dense coat of a british shorthair, but she could very well wind up being a semi-longhair if one or both parents are longhair CARRIERS or semi-longhairs themselves. Her face and body resemble more of a britsh sh type of cat. But she is a mixed-breed
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Yeah i'm not sure what she came from? I just haven't had time to do much since i've been planning my wedding thats why i haven't been on in so long .
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Yes she is just a DSH dilute or I think it's called patched tabby as someone else mentioned. I would have said Dilute Calico, but I forget that calicos are mostly white. I don't see any particular breed in her, just DSH is all since she is a moggie.

Please have her seen by a vet, she looks sick, URI/eye infection or something.
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Not enough white for calico methinks...I'd go with GK's blue patch tabby with white and a domestic shorthair certainly! I wonder if she would qualify for what the Japanese call Mi-Ke (Tri-color)?
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IMO the "tri-color" Mi-Ki IS a calico Just a fancy way of saying it. Or maybe Mi-Ki is just what a calico cat should look like.

And I'm not sure (have to read the standards) but I don't recall seeing a Japaneses bobtail in the dilute version - just the dominate red/black/white.
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She a very pretty dilute calico and she's just a standard breed.

I agree with Kai in that it looks like she has mites, which are common and treatable. She's also old enough to be spayed, which is a healthy and necessary thing and will make you both happy. It would also make your life (and theirs!!) a lot easier if you could trap mom and dad and take them to be fixed also. Even if they are too aggressive to b admitted to a shelter, you can release them back outside and they will, at least, not be making more babies. This is called TNR or Trap-Neuter-Return and it's generally accepted as a humane and reasonable solution to the overpopulation of feral kitties. I also cannot recommend enough that your precious babies be kept inside only to prtoect them from unkind humans, cars, coyotes, dogs, and disease.

To find a low-cost spay and neuter clinic for these kitties, go to this site and find your state:

If I can help, or offer any more advice as far as rescue, trapping or TNR goes, please PM me or Katie (TNR1)
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Yes i'm going to be taking her to the vet to get spayed and everything i just got to make time for a vet check. She hasn't showed signs of URI she just has crusted eyes because i keep forgetting to clean them. I got her as a barn cat thats why she's outside. There's risk's any where you put an animal.
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