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Sphynx Kitten Male with hanging tummy?

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Hello everyone, new here and not sure if this is where this post should be, but I thought a breeder may be more able to help.
I've just adopted a 13 week old neutered Sphynx kitten. This kitten has this very large hanging skin/fat on tummy? It is between his belly button and his groin area. It hangs down quite a bit. I have a vet appointment in 8 days but I am wondering if I should get an emergency appointment and take him in sooner? He seems healthy/happy is eating just fine and very playful.
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Sounds like your baby has "spay sway" and it's nothing to worry about. Bijou has a lovely large one (he's also a neutered male) and Mika (the little spayed female) has none - go figure. Do a search and you will find some info on it in these forums.
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This kitten had developed this hanging tummy before he was neutered. The breeder sent pictures a few times during the last 2 months...and I could see his tummy getting bigger and bigger. It just hangs down a good inch...maybe more...a soft water balloon look with a slight center part to it. It doesn't seem to bother him...but wondering if it is something to worry about...or is he okay?
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Yes its normal in the sphynx - they have extra "fat" in that area. In normal cats with coats you don't notice it as much, but its very noticable on a hairless cat.

In fact, I do believe that is mentioned in the sphynx standard.
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Thank you so very much for the quick responses! I was a bit worried it may be a hernia and was ready to rush him to the vet. He's so sweet, I don't want anything to happen to him!
Thank you all...
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My furry kitten has an umbilical hernia, it looks like a large protruding nipple in the middle of his tummy, and you can feel it slip back inside when you put a little pressure on it. Quite different to what you describe, so don't worry.
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These are very common with my raggies! Smudges brother (kluchettas' adopted baby for any one who doesn't know who smudge is, LOL!) Ares has one that about drags on the floor The first two litters I had I used an out side male for (out side cattery, not out side cat, LOL) and his owner came to see the kittens and thought it was the cutest thing, they took after her cat, when he was little that was the first thing she noticed about him was the fat little tummy! I lovingly call it their little "fat pockets" its the cutest pocket of fat you will ever see, (and as long as its on the cats belly and not mine, I am happy )
I would like to see pics of your little cutey!
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Not too sure how to add a picture but I will play around and give it a try...see what happens...
If the picture works, it will be of Dekan (sphynx) kitten and his brother Petrey (sphynx hybrid).
Thank you all for putting my mind at ease, I was ready to run this little guy to the vet a week early. You can't tell by his picture here, but his tummy hangs down a good inch if not more when he stands...
Dekan (naked backwards) and his brother Petrey are very close!
Hope the picture works...I don't know what I am doing!

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I'm sure if you pull up some of the sphynx breeders websites, you will find your kitty is normal.
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I have two Sphynx Cats, one 2 year old and a kitten 4 months old. The kittens belly hangs more then the 2 year old. Both are female. Totally normal!

Congrats on your new cat!

My name is Selena too!!
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Wow you guys are great, I was so scared this little guy had something wrong since his brother does not seem to have this "hang" on his tummy. We've adopted both because they are soooo very close to one another.
Thanks for all the help!
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