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Sweet 17

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Happy 17th Birthday Tyler!

My sweet panther is 17 today, and is one of the oldest living American Curls in the world (based on an informal poll amongst curl breeders/retired breeders).

His great-grandmother was the foundation of the entire breed - Shulamith.

Tyler was part of a litter of 3, and I never meant to keep him. But from the moment he could walk and "talk" he made it clear how much he was bonded to me. He was very persistant, very persuasive, and ended up my show kitty - the first of my Curls to achieve a Championship.

He has had several health issues since having bladder stones diagnosed several years ago, but he doesn't look his age, and he is staying fairly stable despite his several health issues.

I wish for you, my sweet Baboo, as many more birthdays as you can enjoy. You are such a part of my life, and your dadee's, we love you very much.

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Happy Birthday Tyler!!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday. You deserve a big hug, Tyler.
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OOO, Tyler, lots of hugs and rubs and scritches and treats to you, lovely fellow! Happy Birthday, and many more!

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Happy Birthday Tyler! It's pretty cool that you are among the oldest, but keep going until you are THE oldest my boy!!
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Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!
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Happy Birthday Tyler, you're a special boy!
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May you have many many more....

Kandie wants to know are your allowed to date??
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Happy Birthday Tyler!! Wishing you many more to come!
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Tyler thanks all of you for his birthday wishes (and says to Kandie, he's a life long confirmed bachelor and too old to change his ways now! )
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Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!!!
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