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at what age is a cat a "teenager"

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Abi is acting like a wild teen. she's one year old... is this that period?
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yup, i believe it is! congrats
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Oh, I do believe so! The chart in our vet's office shows the first year is equal to 16, the second to 8, and every year thereafter 4.

So, you've got a 16-year-old girl on your hands, and we all know the variety of maturity levels they have! Have fun, Mum.
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Lucy didn't start settling down until she was 2. So you have lots of time to enjoy your teen.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Lucy didn't start settling down until she was 2. So you have lots of time to enjoy your teen.
Cable's been much more of a lap cat since she turned 2. Java's due to turn 2 in January, & she's recently started sleeping with me. my teenagers are growing up!
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Yup - welcome to kitty teenage years!

There's an age chart in this article which is quite useful

edit - oh gosh - just looked and there's an (unverified) claim of a cat living to 43!!
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well that explains why she is raiding the pantry, eating paperback books, and marauding through the house like a herd of buffalo. Good thing I love her so much.

If my husband did all the things she does i would be p*ed off, but with abi I just groan and smile.
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Gracie didn't start sleeping through the night until she hit about 1.5 to 2 years.

It was around that time that I realized that squirting her with a squirt gun didn't stop her from waking me up. She woke me up to be squirted with the squirt gun. The little weirdo actually likes it! If I squirt away from her, she'll run across the room to get into the line of fire.

Getting an electric blanket helped, too. She didn't want to leave the bed at all in the morning when we started using it last winter.
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haha, our black cat is almost 3 and still acting like a teenager...i can't imagine him ever settling down
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Congradulations you have a teenager kitty!
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have lots of fun with your teenager!
I asked about spaying my 7 month old kitten and I took her today.
Her brother seems to miss her a lot.
So at 7 months, is she still considred a kitten?
Hope that she continues her usual happy, loving attitude.
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Some cats are teenagers ALL their lives

But usually the most active, getting into mischief, etc. is between 6 months and 2-3 yrs old. Some start to slow down after a few years; others will still race around the house over 10 yrs old.

And some breeds are a lot more active longer - such as abys, siamese, rexes, ocicats; compared to a persian/himalayan type.

As far as kitten age - technically 8 months is considered an adult cat for show purposes, so I go by that rule rather then the 1 year old being an adult.
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