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Pet Psychics

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Have any of you ever taken your animal(s) to a pet psychic before?

I saw our local shelter was having on this weekend, for dogs only, but thought it might be fun(ny) to take in Luna or Whitey and see what they really are thinking

I personally don't believe in them, but may on day anyways...
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I don't need to go to a pet psychic to know what Spike's thinking.

Oh look! More crunchies! My favourite! Oh look! My human! My favourite! Oh look! A warm place to sleep! My favourite! and so on ...

Oz, on the other hand, is more likely plotting a ruthless takeover of our apartment, followed by total world domination. His biggest problem is that, like Brain from the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, he has a moron for a minion. Thus, he's quietly biding his time until we find him a smarter, more useful minion to do his evil bidding. (Good minions are hard to find.)
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I've never been to one, but I would love to go if I ever had the chance!!

I think that stuff is so fun whether you believe in it or not... I would probably even take all three of our kitties but if I had to choose one I'd take Skunk so we could work on his nursing/sucking problem & the fact that he's so skittish!
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No, but I did notice a couple Sundays ago, several of the churches in this area had a "Blessing of the animals" day where you were invited to bring your pet to Sunday church.
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Hmmm, I feel like it is a bunch of hoohaw. But I would like to beleive that they exist..that would be cool.
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My sister had her dogs read for an Australian magazine, it was amazing how much the psychic knew and the insight she had.
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