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NOISY little guy!

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Brady is coming out of his shell.

And sometimes he does it at 3AM.

Anyway....he REALLY likes me. As a matter of fact I sometimes get the feeling he does not feel safe unless I am around. His food bowl is now in the dining room. (Only another 15 ft to the doggy food bowls!). He has figured out that if Sophia gets on his nerves, all his 12 lb tabby self has to do is charge ferociously, and this 65 lb muscular redhead will run away. Zircon, who was raised by an older cat knows better than to be forward with his friendly overtures. And he is OK with DH petting and brushing him.

So what do the noises mean? I get a noise that sounds like of like a bird chirping (that "mreeep mreeep" sound), or sometimes a "MEEEEEEYOWL". This is always when he is far away, like down in what he considers "his" room. He make noises back at him, but I would really like to know what he is saying.

I don't need a "Bowlingual" for my dogs, but I could use one for Brady!
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When you figure it out let me know. Carly will be downstairs and suddenly just start MERROW MERROW MERRROW. We will call to her and she just stops.
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The mreep sound is just conversational - it's how kitties greet each other and the humans that they like. You can congratulate yourself - he is accepting you as his meowmy, and is coming out of his shell!!!

You should hear Ferris with his little mreeps - he's almost continual when he is "talking" to Ginger.

I think when he meows loudly like that, he's probably just saying, "Meowmy? Are you still there?"

Ginger does that at around 5-6 a.m., and it means she has just carried her favorite catnip toy into my bedroom, LOL. She wakes me up talking to her toy - I just smile, then try to go back to sleep.
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Believe me I am delighted at how things are progressing. When I stumble out of bed (And I am deliberately staying in bed longer so that the time change will not be a shock) he is there waiting for me (actually for his FOOD) at the top of the stairs.
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Oh Gizmo does that crazy loud meow all the time. Usually i'm at one end of the house and he's at the other. All of a sudden he'll just start meowing really loud. If I go check on him, he'll just be sitting in the middle of the room, he'll give one look then turn and run away.

I guess he has me trained pretty well. I come a running whenever he calls.
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It seems as though you are developing a great relationship with Brady

Radar is my first ever cat, so I am new to the (much wider than I thought!) world of cat vocalisation. I heard and saw the teeth-chattering thing the other day when he was fly hunting. It's completely fascinating trying to work out what his different sounds mean.
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