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Minor surgery tomorrow

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But surgery is surgery and I hate needles, and I hate general anesthetic, and I hate mouth surgery!!!!

I get round 2 of my dental implant surgery tomorrow. They're putting a titanium screw into my jaw. I don't want to know how they get it in there...

And if there's not enough bone, they're going to have to graft something (I think it was tissue or something) from my gum into that part of my mouth. Eww eww eww.

I hate operations....
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Aw, that totally sucks..sending lots of good luck {{{{}}}} vibes your way
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ewwww, I just got the shivers! lots of vibes for the surgery to go well!
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EEEWW! That gave me the eebie jeebies. Many hugs and get well vibes to you sweetie.
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I hope the surgery goes well also. My take on the surgery-the procedure is on a need to know basis!! Just do it they don't need to tell you how.
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Sarah, it will all be over with before you know it and your mouth will be the better for it. I hate needles too, but don't watch and think of something else!
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Ewwwww...that's like my worst nightmare of a surgery! Good luck tomorrow!
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Good luck with the surgery, and lots of fast healing vibes to you!
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Thanks guys! This is the 3rd "operation" on my mouth in the last year (wisdom teeth, bone graft and now this), and probably my 6th mouth operation in my lifetime and I clearly remember how horrible it is and how much blood you swallow, and how hard it is to eat and drink afterwards

They gave me valium to take a hour before I go in, and I've never had valium before, so hopefully I'll just be so completely out of it I'll have no idea what's going on until I wake up.
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Good luck! I've had three dental implant surgeries and I know it won't be comfy afterward. It's a great excuse to eat ice cream though!
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Lots of vibes comming your way sweetie! I'm praying for a smooth/ painless procedure for you tomorrow- and that your iv's don't hurt too bad You are gonna be just fine- I'm sure your doctors will take excellent care of you!
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Well all they wanted to was the implant. If the there wasn't enough bone from the previous bone graft still, they said they may need to pull some connective tissue from my mouth to help hold it.

Turns out the bone graft didn't take at all, so they had to pull more bone from up near my sinus cavity and connective tissue from the roof of my mouth, then put the screw in, and this should hold it all together. Hopefully...

I'm so peeved at the previous oral surgeon who did the graft. That cost $4000, and I wasn't happy with him which is why I saw a new guy, and the new guy knew immediately the other guy didn't do a good job and they would need to do more grafting. The new guy couldn't believe how much the other guy charged as well. We paid $5000 today for a bone graft, tissue graft AND the placement of the screw. Our savings are shot to pieces though Hopefully health insurance will cover at least part of it!

So I feel ok right now, but I imagine all the painkillers will wear off soon. They had me on IV sedation, so I was semi conscious for it which was weird, but I feel less yucky now than if I had of had a full general.
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Sarah, you poor thing, you sure have had a rough time, haven't you?
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Thats alot of extensive work you have had to have redone!!
I hope you will fell ok later today!!
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Sounds like your new doctor is taking good care of you. How are you feeling right now??? I hope you're not in any pain.
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Right now I seem to have a lot of dark blood in my mouth, my right sinus hurts from where he took the bone I guess, and I feel kinda groggy and sore.

The other thing I really like about this doc is that he told DH to go get Vitamin C, Vitamin D and some other vitamin I think and take for a good few months to help the recovery and healing process. Seems logical since they want bone to heal...
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